Plazma burst 2 has many idiots

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Plazma burst 2 has many idiots

Postby MLG COOL DOMINIK » 18 March 2018, 00:55

Plazma burst 2 has many people who are mean, bully, even Mr Jaks Nes begged me to rate 5 on his map and he was mean to me, Hell he doesn't even deserve a rate 5
Many popular developers tend to be immature idiots.
The moderators dont do much about these kind of people.
Cmon Eric! You can do better than that!
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Re: Plazma burst 2 has many idiots

Postby Hikarikaze » 18 March 2018, 01:45

Wow, it's almost like reporting isn't an option at all

Don't complain about an issue if you won't bring the issue up to the right people
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Re: Plazma burst 2 has many idiots

Postby mrblake213 » 18 March 2018, 13:14

You can report it to staff with valid proof.

basically repeating what hik said
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