PB 2 News:New Update on ALE Glock & More!

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PB 2 News:New Update on ALE Glock & More!

Postby defensive » 28 November 2017, 09:42

Guys didn't you know M4A1 AND GLOCK ARE ADDED
TO advanced level editor
Look at the skin its so weird
Also There are more updates
M4a1 and glock added to pb 2
its so funny
Also you can do the AI Global difficulty now Added
And The Drone Controller
Also we have a huge updates :D
Bugged Skins XD
Check others too They might be More Updates

That's All :3

Also i forgot This last thing
You Can Color The Background OMG :3
Not Fake Update
Real :3
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Re: PB 2 News:New Update on ALE Glock & More!

Postby Classical » 29 November 2017, 03:47

Gonna check on them soon, not sure if legit or proffesional photoshop lol.
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Re: PB 2 News:New Update on ALE Glock & More!

Postby lrv » 1 January 2018, 19:26

You forgot the new Combat CS Rifle.
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