May we add a "blocking" option?

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May we add a "blocking" option?

Postby valkioval » 18 June 2017, 07:51

not just blocking through PM's, but blocking people chat in-game aswel. I often have to encounter people who swear excessively and keep saying "Heal" and "6" and other curse words, especially on saws. I dont encounter a lot, but i do see them atleast, including players having vote kick wars Instead of turning off the chat completely i would like to block a player and i wouldn't have to see their messages but i could see others? this owuld be an interest feature. the internet is... the internet i guess

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Re: May we add a "blocking" option?

Postby KIRIAKOS GR96 » 20 June 2017, 18:45

Topic moved to the right section.

Since is posible to ignore players on chat and block messages from players on site i guess is not bad idea to have that option too ingame.
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Re: May we add a "blocking" option?

Postby maxim12 » 25 September 2017, 20:03

That sounds like a good Idea for me.

Atleast I would finaly able to block those random kids on the chat that always type "lol noob" "XD you suck" "loser lol" everytime they manage to kill you.
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