one little request...

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one little request...

Postby jeff the hacker » 6 March 2017, 09:49

a decoration of a falkonian ship undamaged, yeah the image should be like in the wiki
but without the engine rays
there are two models of it
of course its the way its facing, you cant fly it but you can put lasers at the back for decoration
im an alien inside
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Re: one little request...

Postby MLG COOL DOMINIK » 18 March 2018, 17:37

Good idea, it would make maps even more cooler, like making the ship an ending to a custom map
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Re: one little request...

Postby SecretShadowCode » 22 April 2018, 11:16

So cool!
I would really like that.
I like how that looks
Feels like...cant say it
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Re: one little request...

Postby Resi » 17 May 2018, 18:09

All the yesss! This completely fits and was even in PB1 so why not?
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