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Asia Server

Postby aarham » 8 September 2016, 16:03

Alright, starting this off is why I'm making this post, I hate and i mean HATE people who judge players like me by ping, skill, kdr etc. Developers of this amazing fast-paced free to play game has to understand that not all players are from Europe or America, players like me who are one of the very FEW players from South Asia that are actually decent at the game are being harassed because we cant play ranked matches and not get PP so we cant join good clans like BoZ or GeNo which require very good skill. This has been Aarham signing out :D Also quick note,: Forgot to say that I also told Eric Gurt on twitter in his PMs about this topic, hope he replies

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Re: Asia Server

Postby DoomWrath » 8 September 2016, 16:23

At this point in time, PB2 will be running off the three servers currently available.

It may be possible to have a different variety of servers in PB2.5.

Topic Locked.
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