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Postby phsc » 24 January 2018, 12:05

make this reddit or smth
it would be cool to see the public opinion wouldnt it?
making so good maps/suggestions get into like so kind of first page, bad ones get ignored
ofc this would be abusable and pb2 is basically a bunch of kids and they would get butthurt, but wouldnt it be a cool thing to add? prob not going to happen
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Re: upvotes/downvotes

Postby ustopable » 24 January 2018, 12:17

Don't know really but from what I see I don't disagree with you? downvote. Is it a joke or I agree with you? Upvote

and if you got downvoted to hell and when you make a post someone will target you because all your post are downvoted.

Really though It is helpful for like... Reddit to bring a good thing in top while bad whine are in the bottom but seeing downvote and upvote as a sign that I agree or disagree shouldn't be encourage I stil remember NSHC or whoever that guy gets downvoted here in PB2 Forum. I would like to see how it will work here but im pretty sure with this forum limitations it can't be added.
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Re: upvotes/downvotes

Postby Player_PB2 » 18 March 2018, 07:57

One problem: i can't enter any reddit websites. it says that my internet connection is unprotected :/
Wait, how did you find this?
What? you're gonna expect something else?
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Re: upvotes/downvotes

Postby mrblake213 » 18 March 2018, 13:11

If people like a certain topic in this forum, it will always stay on top because recent replies will make the topic on top.

If people like it, they will surely talk about it.
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