Bullpup Shotgun CS-KZG

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Bullpup Shotgun CS-KZG

Postby phsc » 1 April 2018, 15:44

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Type: Shotgun
Manufacturer: Civil Security
Faction: Civil Security
Slot: 3
Damage: 15-125
Accuracy: 25%
Rate of Fire: 3/second
Power: 0.5
Penetration: 1
Projectile count: 4
Projectile speed: 80

its just a pb2fied version of the keltec KSG to be kinda like a brother to the CS-OICW
also the % comes from the other two shotguns as i have no idea of how these values work like... 25% of a circle? 90 degrees?
anyway if would be a fast and spammy shotgun but it has little damage, penetration and power comparated to the other shotguns
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Re: Bullpup Shotgun CS-KZG

Postby DoomWrath » 2 April 2018, 13:53

Topic moved to "Other Art" as this is a rendition of a modern weapon with no connection or relevance to PB2 besides sharing a similar style.

Looks neat though, except the pump seems to not quite be where it should be, almost as if it was flipped horizontally.
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