Follow-up Artwork of Alpha Team from Operation: Frostbite

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Follow-up Artwork of Alpha Team from Operation: Frostbite

Postby GhostX5 » 29 December 2017, 17:26

Hello everyone, I'm GhostX5, and I'm back with a pixel art.

This time, I'm back with the Alpha Team, this time I have their uniforms reverted to the former desert tan like the TFX, and not only that, I have the updated version of their helmets, plus I also got holsters and gear for them. Location of the Alpha Team is not currently known, but it's somewhere in the abandoned village in Russia.

If anyone of you have played/known Metal Slug, apparently you guys also know the P.F Squad, including the members Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto & Fiolina Germi, not only that they're fighting against Ptolmaic Army of General Morden's, the Alpha Team of TFX & USOC (United Special Operations Command) are also fighting against Ptolmaic Army of the same latter. In this art, they're engaging against some Ptolmaic Rebels. They're aggressive, but unfortunately they lost most of their members due to packed firepower and surpassed skills of the Alpha Team.

As you can see, the guy with the shield is Mjr. Lee Mcallahan, he's very professional with it, having no problems carrying it and firing with his Beretta 92FS with one hand. On the other hand, Tina (Blonde girl), Nick (Red visor), and Lisa (Girl next to John, the one with gold visor) are the only ones not having their backpacks on, due to weight and decreasing their mobility, they've decided to leave their backpacks in the vehicle.

So what's going to be your opinion in this? Should I make more pixel art, or should I say, make comics?

Make your comments down below! If making a suggestion, throw one at me! :)
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