3D Fan made

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3D Fan made

Postby Gann4Life » 14 June 2017, 22:45

Hello guys, i started with this project on this year, and right now we just have some models, and the first level.
I will call it just "Plazma Burst".

We have an Early demo published on Gamejolt: http://gamejolt.com/games/plazmaburst/261475
Im looking for people to test it.

I wanna know what type of components do you have, your ram, your processor, graphic card, how many FPS do you reach and what type of graphics and resolution.

We accept any type of help, with models, suggestions or other, we need more people on the group too, if you would like do something, tell me your skills and we will see!

For the 0.0.2 im preparing an intuitive main menu, cause many friends do not understand how to start, and other things i've written in a .txt file.

Just that, hope you like it, guys ^_^!
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Re: 3D Fan made

Postby Eric Gurt » 15 June 2017, 14:45

I think I guess what's behind that link. Might check it later though.
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Re: 3D Fan made

Postby Green Eyed Demon » 15 June 2017, 20:00

Eric Gurt wrote:I think I guess what's behind that link. Might check it later though.

Based on the videos it seems pretty legit,the ragdolls are quite weird though.

I didn't download the actual file for obvious reasons
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Re: 3D Fan made

Postby Rayie » 16 June 2017, 02:54

Arms flailing around is kinda odd, but it's a nice concept.
the gameplay looks a little odd, it could use some animations, because I'm sure the ragdoll physics on the arms would turn any major title game player off in a split second
Some nice models might do it justice later on, but nice. you did what i've been wanting to do for quite a while

4 gigs of ram? thats fkin outrageous
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Re: 3D Fan made

Postby Failureguy » 18 June 2017, 16:41

Buggy, real buggy.

The jump has a little too much power in it, reduce it(I don't know, maybe to others it's fine). Concept is great actually, I would play it when the full version comes out. However I feel that the main menu should have buttons, not inputting letters in order to go sections to sections.

Should have a restart point too when you die :/.
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Re: 3D Fan made

Postby wreak » 3 August 2017, 18:29

Is the download safe? - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -
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Re: 3D Fan made

Postby Max teabag » 6 August 2017, 02:00

omg thats the coolest thing I've seen all my entire life
good job bro may God bless your souls and your project
Max Teabag
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Re: 3D Fan made

Postby GhostX5 » 6 August 2017, 15:09

That wasn't so bad, though.

I see that the ragdoll physics that you got are very close to Gang Beasts, plus, the part when you have used slow motion, the sound effects also slowed down too. Some weapons, plus characters are missing. But the project is okay, I won't be hating on it. It's pretty neat to be having a FPS and Third Person view.

Also, are you gonna add the crouching button? Never seen this in the project you're making.
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Re: 3D Fan made

Postby Gann4Life » 27 October 2017, 02:13

Yo guys, sorry if i didn't reply soon.
I was too stupid to share this project in a very early state. Im improving some movements, i have some problems while crouching, but im still trying to find a way to fix it.
That "Pre-Alpha" build was too bad because i published it very soon because i was excited of what i was doing, now im improving some graphics, gameplay, movements, and guns. I have many things on my mind about this project, now i removed the downloadable file from GameJolt, and i switched from "Playable build" to "DevBlog Only" due to the very early state of the game.
Going back to work! :D
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Re: 3D Fan made

Postby LazyRain » 12 December 2017, 15:50

Good start dude, wish luck to your team with it. I'd write more, but it's all already said by others.

Btw I remember guys who have made some 3D models.

Rayie made Heavy Railgun and CS-Daz models.
QiLinxD madeHero and Proxy models.
And I remember somebody made 3D model of
Alien Shotgun, but I don't have the source.
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