Guns in PB2 Artstyle

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Guns in PB2 Artstyle

Postby mister mayhem » 6 September 2017, 06:01

Hello, I started learning Inkscape to draw, so I'm tracing guns as practice right now. Here's my first one, it's the Magpul PDR.

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With magazine.


The magazine itself

Scaled down to ingame dimensions ( 60 % length of Assault Rifle CS-RC )

What gun do you guys think I should do next?

mister mayhem
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Re: Guns in PB2 Artstyle

Postby Roxxar » 6 September 2017, 21:21

they look fairly nice; for a first trace, the art is fine. some edges (the trigger) look a bit sharp, but overall the shape and style is pretty accurate

however i think it would be better for the outlines to match the colors inside; the specific part i am talking about is the magazine. i believe it would suit the gun better if the magazine's outline color were a darker shade of yellow/tan.

i recommend to stray away from tracing realistic guns as practice, as well. there are many ppl that create "modern/realistic" gun shapes, but the whole point of pb2 is an unrealistic, futuristic aesthetic. expand your color choices (many people stick with greys and dull tans due to, once again, the idea of modern/realistic guns), defy modern designs, and innovate for yourself a unique essence that others will remember
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Re: Guns in PB2 Artstyle

Postby GhostX5 » 9 September 2017, 12:11

Hah, that one looks very nice! I like how that PDW looks like, it looks amazing, yet how I hold it, is like how I hold an FN P90 SMG. Say, I got a suggestion for you, try making a Beretta 92FS in standard steel version and the inox version. Would be cool.
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Re: Guns in PB2 Artstyle

Postby lostmydollar » 9 September 2017, 16:07

this is a really good start. keep improving

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Re: Guns in PB2 Artstyle

Postby JayaRaya » 10 September 2017, 15:45

Kinda reminds me of the old SMG that Noir Lime used on PB : FTTP. Cool design by the way, keep improved.
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