Hide from the killer (MP)

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Hide from the killer (MP)

Postby Oriental » 20 October 2018, 15:37

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Hide from the killer

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Hello welcome to my new map hide! the goal of the map is humans have to wait 3 minutes they need to survive and the killer must kill all humans and yeah thats all i have to say, please rate 5 :)

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Re: Hide from the killer (MP)

Postby Resi » 25 October 2018, 23:24

Fix the glowing background edges, I'm rating your map based on how it is rather than what you beg me for.

This is a so-so map, nothing new and doing multiple rooms you can teleport to instead of an average map you simply walk around is very confusing, also it's very linear.

But I guess it's still playable? 3 Stars.
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