Zombie Infection (MP)

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Zombie Infection (MP)

Postby Build » 13 June 2018, 13:54

Map name:Zombie Infection

Map ID:defensive-infection
Map description:
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Hey guys please rate 3-5 fairly my zombie infection map i spent
30-40 minutes to make this map
so ya.


Zombies - Kill all Humans before helicopter arrives.
Humans - Survive and protect and wait for helicopter if you die you will become a zombie

Helicopter will come in until the time is out

Max Players:8
Cooperative Map!

Are not allowed in game make sure the gamemode

Published : May 11, 2018
Unpublished : May 8,2018
Last update : June 7,2018

If you Found any bugs in the game
Make sure to inbox me

Map Page Link:Here
Map Demo Link:Here

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infected player

helicopter spot

Credits to darkstar 1 for the "free to use stuff" map because the other objects are from darkstar 1
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