The Wasteland

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The Wasteland

Postby rikazo » 18 October 2019, 13:49

The Wasteland!
First part!
Map ID: rikazo-w1
Second part is now out!
Map ID: rikazo-w2

You are an researcher (Elijah Smith) of the Oasis Mesa until the year 3061 where you have been put to sleep inside your "Anti-Disaster Bunker Lab" and have been sleeping for nearly 76 years. With the advancement on technologies, the container where your body is in has been frozen by the system to keep the body from decaying or growing old. Just like having time stopped for your body. After 76 years. Year 3137. You have been awakened from your deep slumber and just recently knowing that the asteroid nicknamed "World Ender" has already hit earth and demolished human civilization in earth. You have went off on A journey to seek any human settlements or anyone alive. Without knowing the danger you'll be facing up against.

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