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Project Nexus 2

Postby LemonPie » 24 August 2019, 18:09

Welcome to Project Nexus 2! A series about a Civil Security soldier surviving and adapting through a series of unexpected events that he will have to face. Now if you did not play Project Nexus 1, please do so. Play all the parts and then read the description of Project Nexus 2 to understand the story better. Project Nexus 2 is a prequel. And Project nexus 1 is after project nexus 2.

Map name: Project_Nexus 2 (I) Drawdown

ID: lemonpie-projectnexus2_1

Overview: You are Corporal Nevar (Nah-var is how its pronounced) that works for the Civil Security. The setting takes prior to the events of Project Nexus. A politician that favors the Civil Security has been gaining votes and support. As his power grows, so does his opportunity to expand the influence of the Civil Security. The relationship between The Republican Army of Earth and The Civil Security is deteriorating and intense right now. Somewhere in Earth, a Republican base supported by Civil Security troops is being decommissioned by the Civil Security themselves. The Republican Army begins to leave the base while Civil Security troops take over. But instead, a rather unexpected turn of events start to appear drastically without time to react.

Map Page Link:

Map Demo Link: ... ctnexus2_1

If you encounter any bugs/glitches or have any recommendations/suggestions please comment or tell me in PM.
Looking for a single player series that has action? Some cliff hangers to make you interested into my series and want more? Then I recommend you start playing Project Nexus!
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Re: Project Nexus 2

Postby meliante » 24 August 2019, 20:01

F the game. F
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Re: Project Nexus 2

Postby Oriental » 24 August 2019, 21:17


YEAAAHAHHHHHH SO COOL RIGHT??? woahhhh I'm so high
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