Plazmaburst2 Civil Security Story

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Plazmaburst2 Civil Security Story

Postby Terminator_ » 13 January 2018, 02:12

You are apart of an small group in the organization, think of yourself as "special reinforcements." But in this case, it's called "The Defenders" you are apart of it. However, in this level you team up with a small squad. Referred to as the "Elite Squad." Or what you may consider the last ones left.

The Battle has called in for your assistance. For the defense line has been broken by alien crashes. Now you must fight your way to the other base as even more trouble is there than what you are dealing with now. It is only the beginning...

Map Page: ... &id=857769

Instant Demo Link:

Map ID: terminator_-civil1

Side Note:
Tried my best to make it look like a campaign match, but it didn't so..just go with it.
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