Forces of Corruption : Imperial Commando (VOLUME 2.0)

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Forces of Corruption : Imperial Commando (VOLUME 2.0)

Postby Ghost Killer823 » 16 April 2018, 02:40

Hi guys.

If you've already played this first level to my Imperial Commando series, then let share to you that this first map has been drastically changed from what it was before. The enemy faction, dialogue, map design, and more have been changed and / or reworked. I hope you enjoy my new remaster of this custom map. If you haven't played it yet, well I suggest checking it out for yourself.

Be sure to rate, comment, and / or send a friend request. Thank you for playing (if you already have).

Map name: [2.0] Forces of Corruption: Imperial Commando - Arrival [1-1]

Map ID: ghost killer823-foc1

Map description: VOLUME 2.0 Updated!

Welcome to a new PB2 custom map series known as: Forces of Corruption.

This story conveys a heavily one-sided galaxy-wide war within the perspective of an elite, legendary Imperial clone commando unit code-named: Rex, in conflict against the Centax-Rebel alliance which are opposing his ruling faction. Gone from rigorous training to massive scale infiltration and one-man-army simulators, Rex is well known for completing any dangerous combat mission, often alone with superb warfare skills, quick reflexes, and strategic execution with extreme accuracy.


Your Commander:

- Our intelligence code-breaker has revealed about 30 GSA transport ships consisting of roughly 400 life forms headed for planet Cordia II in the Avalon star system within the unknown regions of space. This put their forces dangerously close to our cloning facilities on Sunaion needed to expand military production. They had must be taken down before they re-activate their communications and gear that lies inside the underground base of operations in sector 6-B to 11-D.

We suspect General Jed Silver to be leading the last of GSA corp on Cordia II. He will be your primary target to assassinate in this operation. Your orders are to disrupt communications through the entire planet, leave no witnesses of high Imperial fleet movements in the system, and eliminate all hostiles within the base. We will execute of what remains of the last of the GSA crops by destroying their leader and end their treachery against us for the end of the first galaxy-wide war!

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