Calculator in PB2

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Calculator in PB2

Postby pococikapusta » 10 January 2017, 21:31

Variables were added today, so I made a calculator using triggers 8)

Dividing is quite bad and only works with numbers bigger than 0, but there aren't any trigger functions for dividing so I did what I could. It's possible to set region position to variable value, so it's possible to do A LOT of cool stuff now, like remaking other games in PB2. I might try to make pong tomorrow.

Edit: More trigger functions were added, including division xD Welp, my custom division is completely useless now

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Re: Calculator in PB2

Postby Civil-Lite » 11 January 2017, 23:25

Holy sh*t, not bad! And on top of that it actually works! This is worthy for a rate of 5 stars, nicely done!
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Re: Calculator in PB2

Postby Lyte » 12 January 2017, 07:47

This is the kind of stuff I like, It's not useful or practical but it's definitely great practice. Working with triggers and timers and stuff in this game is sort of like pseudo code. This will help you understand how to think like a coder if you're interested in computer science or programming in general.
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Re: Calculator in PB2

Postby Missak » 23 January 2017, 16:25

Okay, I bet this took lots of time and it's so cool.

If only I could vote maps though...xD
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Re: Calculator in PB2

Postby yi en » 5 February 2017, 01:56

calculators in Plazma burst 2.
hmm maybe it works through XD
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