RtD - Lyssophobia

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RtD - Lyssophobia

Postby SinisterMercuria » 21 April 2019, 20:58

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Long ago, in the unknown times, a race of marvelous inventors and mighty warriors roamed the multiverse. These genius creators developped many unfathomable machines. Howver, infighting had depleted their resources and plunged them into despair, for they could no longer build weapons and erect buildings. It was then that one tribe, ravaged by hunger and drowned in despair, decided to create a different sort of weapon, one that did not require metals to build.

Thus the bright ones gave up sleep and rest
"Tis but a chance to show our prowess."
Their bodies they forgot in the presence of hope's test.
And little did they know, they would achieve gods' powers.

Many days passed and there it all looked hopeless, until they stumbled upon the result. As if it were a miracle, a misdose of Hydrogen created a faint glow. The bright ones would
proceed to realise they had created something more than artificial life. Cells that could absorb infinite energy and alter matter.
But many trigintilions of years have since passsed and that cell's descendants still live... And you... You are made of them. You are a champion! A god among men!

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This game is a contest to decide which character will be part of my book's cast, the book will have the same name as the RtD and I may or may not actually write it.
Also, almost everything here should be scientifically accurate to some extent, so if you don't like wracking your brain you can leave the science to me.
If an action is scientifically inaccurate the result may be different from what you expected. If the result is the death of your character and/or the universe,
the action will be cancelled and you'll have to take a different approach.
Do keep in mind that your frustration will be most enjoyable.

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Abilities are the way a champion alters the matter around them. They are usually pretty specific, and cannot be used by themselves (though they can be passive), you have to include them in a spell in order for them to activate.
Each champion has three abilities, sadly they have to be scientifically accurate too. In addition, time is out of the question. It is much too complicated.

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Spells are how a champion makes use of their abilities. For instance, champions may take advantage of their abilities to produce spells that may harm, protect or incapacitate enemies/allies.
You may start with up to three spells.

Abilities: produce oxygen, exhale methane, increase friction.
Spell: Fire breath

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The powerplant is an alternate dimension created by the bright ones. It's directly layered over our own dimension.
This dimension functions sort of like an afterlife. It houses the personalities and memories of the dead as imformation.
There, they create energy , hence the name "powerplant".
Depending on your authority you can draw energy from the dead, whose capacity and recovery rate gradualy increase as they are used.
Killing someone heightens your authority and Polygon energy capacity.

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You can start with one two-handed or two one-handed weapons. Weapons can't have abilities of their own, so what
you should do is make weapons that can make use of your abilities. I make the stats, you just provide a general description.
Weapons have a reach stat that affects how close you have to be to an opponent for them to have any effect.

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You just give a general description, I make the stats. You can have two pieces of equipment. You can not wear more than one piece of equipment on the same body region.

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Invest 5 points in your stats. Points are gained when your character levels up. You need 2/2 Xp to level up.
A champions authority is the area in which they can control and alter matter. It is only advanced as polygon size increases.
A unique stracture that repressents a champion in the powerplant, it increases in size as its respective champion kills.
Its maximum energy capacity also increases.
Base is 6/6. Increases by 0.2 for each point invested
Reduces damage taken by 80%. Only gained through equipment.
Applies bleed damage to opponent, it (as well as bleed damage) increases by 0.1 for each point ivested. Only works with physical attacks.
Multiplies pierce and dodge by 1.3, can be specked into to increase stat by 0.2 The higher the speed the more DPR you can cover.
Allows you to dodge attacks, increases by 1/3 (0.33333333...) for each point invested
Increases ranged accuracy 0,2 and attack by 0.1 for each points invested.
Increases Melee accuracy 0.1 and attack by 0.2 for each points invested.
Base is 5/5, it's incresed by 0.2 for every point invested
The range of your spells is affected by authority and the range of your weapons is affected by the category they fall under.
If your opponent is closer to you than your weapons minimum range, your attack's damage will be decreased. If your opponent is farther than 75% of
your attack range, your attack's damage will be decreased. This does not apply to melee attacks.

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-Roll 0 (situational): Speed Vs Distance. This roll decideds if a person can attack another person in their
turn, or at least get in their weapons' range.
Doing this roll costs 2.5 Energy. It can only be repeated once per turn, regardless of maximum Energy. backpeddling
costs you no energy, but you move 50% slower.
-Roll 1: Speed Vs Speed. The one with the most speed attacks first and gains the buffs offered by the stat, they
won't be able to attack if they are too far away though.
The one who rolls less loses the buff and attacks second
-Roll 2: Pierce Vs Defense. If pierce prevails then the defense is broken and the reciever takes full damage + the
bleed effect. If defense prevails then reciever only takes 20% damage
and resists the bleed effect, while the attacker recieves a 0.5 damage penalty for the next roll.
-Roll 2: Accuracy Vs dodge. If accuracy prevails then the reciever takes full damage, but if dodge prevails then the
reciever takes no damgae.
Turns: Turns last as long as an indevidual's energy. During your one's turn their opponent can only defend.

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-Forgotten palace: A family of forgotten gods. They are descendants of...Him...
-Humble Charity: A group of righteous champions who seek to help the weak and create a world in which they can
survive. Their leader...He looks...Familiar...
-Freelancers: Various groups of champions drawn in by the call of the unknown. They seem to be

Final notes:
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In this game you are not given missions to chooose from that often, you are instead going to have to ask your fellows for things to do. You are also encouraged to explore and find hidden
lore here and there. Finaly, if you need help with anything, feel free to contact me on discord at Sinister Mercuria#6856.

Please fill out this character sheet to begin:
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Also note that if you don't fill in the traits classified as optional you want take part in the contest (Why would you even want to participate??)

Philosophy: (optional)
Personality: (Optional, but why would you not want to do this is beyond me.)
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