Who, What, & Where?

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Who, What, & Where?

Postby GhostX5 » 13 February 2018, 12:02

This is a game where I learned it from my classmate/friend from school about months ago.

So, title of the game is Who, What, & Where? The game will cycle from who, to what until where, and so on. But, this requires 12 members to join. And to those who are joining, will be required to PM a certain player about the name of a person (Can be a celebrity, character, etc.), the thing to do, and places to go, then I will ask a player like, who will be his/her brother/sister, what he/she loves to do all the time, & where he/she hangs out a lot. Game will cycle to What after answering 12 questions, and same thing for Where. And so on..

Also, I forgot to add, when I ask that same player the question and answered it, he/she will also ask the one next after him/her. Don't forget to check the Player list from time to time, so you'll know who's the player that you would PM.

Players (Your own nickname is required):
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Example (Who):

RYZE: 15abe11e, who's your future husband?
15abe11e: Matt Damon. Renegade, who's your girlfriend?
RGX: Christina Aguilerra.

And so on. Same results for other things (What & Where):

RYZE: Renegade, what do you like to play?
RGX: Hotwheels. 15abe11e, what is your favorite sport?
15abe11e: Angry Birds.

RGX: RYZE, where do you go to pee and take a poop?
RYZE: Cave. 15abe11e, where do you live in?
15abe11e: Bathroom.
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Re: Who, What, & Where?

Postby Death X5 » 14 February 2018, 12:53

I like this game, I wonder if Garuda would approve this one. Anyways, I would love to join this but after the approval of this.

This would be amazing to do, as my and my friends are doing this too laddie!
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