M.A.D. Game Suggestion

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M.A.D. Game Suggestion

Postby jafetlamval17 » 28 September 2017, 00:06

5-20 Players
1.- Everyone PM's a country name to the Moderator/Host.
2.- They get shuffled into 40-100 other country names.
3.- Every turn, all countries get to nuke any country they like (by PM'ing the Moderator/Host)
4.- The game ends when only one controlled country stands above the others.

I can actually help with hosting this game if you accept it. It would be more complicated than the average games i see here.
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Re: M.A.D. Game Suggestion

Postby Resi » 15 October 2017, 02:33

It wouldn't be more complicated, it's just a process of elimination, no reason to plan a strategy or anything.
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