The ban game

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The ban game

Postby Eradican21 » 23 July 2017, 11:24

The game is simple, simply say "I ban you (OR) the person above me for (Insert reason)"

The rules are:

1. Don't confuse this for the real ban appeals section
2. Any reason is acceptable (As long as it isn't breaking the code of conduct)
3.No ban in the game is permanent like person 1 being banned by person 2, It means person 1 can still reply


Person 1: I ban nobody because this game hasn't started.
Person 2: I ban you for starting this.
Person 1: I ban you for participating in this game.
Person 3: I ban the person above me for replying

Side note: I'm thinking of replacing rule 3 to person 1 can't reply until a third person replies
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Re: The ban game

Postby Incompetence » 23 July 2017, 18:44

this kind of has potential but i don't see this game lasting too long. it'll eventually get too repetitive since all you're doing is just writing a reason down and nothing more. maybe make it two staged: list the reason and the ban length you would give to the above person. keep permanent bans off limits in the game to prevent repetitive "permaban" posts. if you want, you could even toss in a rule where you could provide "evidence" which would just be a silly screenshot to make the game more amusing and interesting; it could be optional in case you like to be authoritarian with your bans

Eradican21 wrote:Side note: I'm thinking of replacing rule 3 to person 1 can't reply until a third person replies

this would cut down on some pseudo-spam, i.e two people just writing to each other back and forth which isn't interesting, but it would probably end up killing the game, especially when the game will reach a point where only two people will bother to actively participate. corrupt a wish is somewhat of a good example where you regularly see the same faces make a post there; same with rate the avatar. that and the forum activity isn't great either
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Re: The ban game

Postby Missak » 25 July 2017, 15:33

I don't mind playing this game but as Incompetence has said, it will be repetitive.

Even though the forum actually has a few people visiting it on a regular basis I don't think we would refuse every game for that reason, would we?

I am neutral with this.
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