UberPB's Internet

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UberPB's Internet

Postby UberPB » 8 March 2017, 22:10

The game is simple.
You type "UberPB's Internet is a *Insert Food Item Here* plugged into their *Insert Computer Port Here*.

But then type: But that *Food Item* starts to die, so then..." Then the next user continues the cycle. Basically the camping game, with less confusing rules.

For example: UberPB's internet is a potato plugged into their Ethernet Port. But that potato starts dying so then...

Then the next person might say "UberPB's Internet is an orange plugged into their Audio Jack, But the orange starts rotting/ dying, so then..."

This goes on pretty much forever. Bonus points for creativity, and avoid profanity.

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Re: UberPB's Internet

Postby Elitech » 14 April 2018, 10:22

I both like and dislike this game. Eventually users will start repeating items. But it's also entertaining.
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