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Plazma Burst Code of Conduct - Official Rules

Postby DoomWrath » 1 May 2018, 17:36

Official Plazma Burst Code of Conduct

This document entails the official rules of Plazma Burst 2. By using a PB2 account, or by playing Plazma Burst 2 as a guest (unregistered user), you automatically agree to these rules. While most of this is second nature to mature players, please take the time to ensure you read and understand these rules.

Every single rule that is listed below applies to every single part of the Plazma Burst 2 website.

Most of Plazma Burst's rules can be summed up by the following: Be respectful to others, be courteous, and think before you act or speak.

The Plazma Burst 2 Team reserves the right to amend or update these rules at any time with or without notice.

1. Game:

1.1 • Respect all other players in-game.

1.2 • Any form of cheating, hacking, or abuse of the game physics will result in suspension from the game without warning.
This includes hacking of any type, score farming, or abusing a game glitch to gain an unfair advantage over other players.
1.2.1 - Any form of obtaining PP/Kills that gives a player or group of players an unfair advantage in-game is illegal.

1.3 • Farming Kills, Deaths, or Player Points is forbidden. Farming is the act of transferring PP or getting kills off another account that is controlled by you, either directly or through a friend.

1.4 • Do not start matches with inappropriate titles. Rude, obscene, offensive, or threatening titles are forbidden.

1.5 • Discussion of prohibited or inappropriate topics in-game is only permitted in fully private matches.
1.5.1 - Any discussion intended to harm other players or Plazma Burst 2 itself are outright prohibited in all matches.

1.6 • Respect other players' playstyles. Camping in one spot, or spending the whole match spraying bullets is allowed.

1.7 • Do not troll, spam, or incite a flamewar (argument) in-game.

1.8 • The kick, ping limit, and Game-Master features must not be abused.
1.8.1 - Do not kick without a meaningful reason.
1.8.2 - Do not initiate a ping limit vote for the reason of excluding all match participants.

2. Chat Rules:

2 • Purposefully creating a hostile environment, intentionally engineering a situation to waste the time of staff, or creation of unnecessary drama will result in a suspension. It wastes the time of the staff, and achieves nothing.

2.1 • Respect all other chat users including site staff.
2.1.1 - Cursing/Swearing is not prohibited, but we ask you to be mindful of your language.
2.1.2 - Do not curse/swear excessively.
2.1.3 - All cursing or swearing directed towards another member of the community, or a group within the community, is outright banned.

2.2 • Do not discuss prohibited, offensive, or inappropriate topics.

2.3 • All sent messages should be meaningful, constructive, or reflective of the current topic or chatroom mood.
2.3.1 - Do not spam (sending useless or meaningless messages)
2.3.2 - Do not flood (spreading multiple useless messages over a series of [3+] lines with the intent to disrupt chat)
2.3.3 - Avoid overusing capitals (NO ALL CAPS).

2.4 • Any topics discussed in the main chat must be appropriate for all chat users. Discussion of history and politics is allowed, however avoid aspects that may cause offense to those in the chat-room.
2.4.1 - Religious topics are forbidden outright.
2.4.2 - Topics about previous or current bans or issues must be discussed in private messages.

2.5 • Private channels and private messages can be used to discuss topics usually prohibited in public, such as cursing, extreme religious/political topics, etc.
2.5.1 - Topics of aforesaid nature must not affect public parties whatsoever.
2.5.2 - Do not invite people to channels where inappropriate discussions are being held without their prior agreement.
2.5.3 - Do not private message players potentially inappropriate/offensive content without their prior agreement.

2.6 • Do not impersonate other players or staff members

2.7 • Do not trick users into clicking links through fake private messages or misuse of the URL tool.
2.7.1 - Please keep link length to a minimum, use the URL tool to shorten links.
2.7.2 - Do not use link shorteners such as Tiny-url/Shadyurl to mask links.

2.8 • Please use only English when chatting in Plazma Burst 2 Site Chat. Other languages are permitted in private messages, and personal channels.

2.9 • /me commands should not be abused or inappropriate.

2.10 • Do not abuse Karma.
2.10.1 - Don't beg for karma points. If you beg for karma, staff members or other players may lower your points by 1.

2.11 • The exclude option can be used to remove any person you feel is being disruptive.
2.11.1 - Do not spam exclude requests if the first vote fails.

3. Forum - General Rules:

3.1 • Respect all other forum users including site staff.

3.2 • Do not make off-topic posts. Any reply that does not fit the subject of the topic is not permitted. If you want to chat with the topic owner or make any other comments, use the forum's private messaging system.
3.2.1 - Avoid freeposting. Your posts should add meaningful content to the forum; new topics must incite some kind of discussion.
3.2.2 - Advertising is not permitted. Any advertising/linking to third party software such as other games/forums/chatrooms/services designed to draw users away from Plazma Burst websites is strictly prohibited.
3.2.3 - Before starting a new topic, please check to ensure an existing topic on the same subject does not exist. This helps to cut down on duplicates.
3.2.4 - Please use correct English, spelling, and grammar to the best of your ability. l33tsp33k and slang are unwelcome.
3.2.5 - Avoid 1-word posting.
3.2.6 - Ensure your titles are a simple summary of your topic and clearly indicate what is in the topic. Do not include links within your topic titles.

3.3 • Please only double-post if you have a good reason to do so. Otherwise, use the Edit button to edit your posts.

3.4 • Do not bump your own topics to gain more attention.
3.4.1 - The forums automatically remove old, dead topics. You may post on any unlocked topic regardless of the date published.

3.5 • When posting, make sure the format used is readable.
3.5.1 - Don't make your whole post at an oversized or undersized font size, or use overly dull or bright font colours.
3.5.2 - Avoid quoting unnecessarily large chunks of text, and do not quote images or videos from previous posts.

3.6 • The Report Button: The report button is to be used to notify forum staff of an issues with a post, should that be rule breaking or not. Report a post if you believe there is a legitimate problem, replying to a post playing as moderator does not help anyone, and counts as freeposting.

3.7 • Forum Sections: The forum is divided into multiple sections to aid organisation. Please make sure that when posting a new topic it is in the correct section. If you accidentally place your new topic in the wrong section, or don't know where to create the topic, send a message about it to any member of the forum staff.
3.7.1 - Only post tutorials in the tutorials section. If you have questions, post elsewhere.
3.7.2 - Only post completed maps in the Custom Maps area. Ensure to include details such as map name, ID, and links.
3.7.3 - Do not play forum games in the Suggestions Area, or anywhere else on the forum.

3.8 • Your forum avatar must not contain prohibited, inappropriate, or offensive content.
3.8.4 - Avatar animations designed solely to irritate are prohibited. (EG, high intensity flashing colours)

3.9 • Your forum signature must not contain advertisements, spam; or prohibited, inappropriate, or offensive content.
3.9.1 - Your forum signature must not be larger than three lines of standard size text, or an image no taller than 125px

3.10 • Do not discuss prohibited, offensive, or inappropriate topics. Religious topics are prohibited.

3.11 • Please do not vandalise your own posts (or posts you have permission to edit), destructively edit previously legitimate posts, replace the legitimate text with spam, or remove the legitimate text of a post without deleting the post itself.

4. Site:

4.1 • Please ensure any maps you create using the level editor do not contain any inappropriate content, and the ID, map name, and map description are suitable for this website.

4.2 • All map comments and ratings should be fair, whether 1* or 5*.
4.2.1 - Do not rate maps unfairly, for example rating without playing the map first, or voting only to lower a player's LDR out of spite (rage-voting).
4.2.2 - Do not farm map rates by using alternative accounts.

4.3 • The Report button on player profiles is for marking a profile to the staff team as having broken PB2 rules. Please make sure that this is not abused, and keep reports short and sweet, with evidence if possible.

4.4 • Do not misuse any Plazma Burst 2 messaging system. Threatening behavior, spam, inappropriate topics, or unwanted messages will not be tolerated.

4.5 • All profile fields such as 'location' and 'life slogan' must be appropriate, and free from offensive langauge or rude comments.

5. Account and Information:

5.1 • Your account information, especially the password, should NEVER be shared with anybody else; site staff will never need or ask for your password.

5.2 • Please do not share accounts, they are operated under a one-human to one-account basis.
5.2.1 - Sharing an account with another player will result in the termination of the shared account.

5.3 • If you receive another player's account information, it is against the rules to log into it. Report the player to a member of site staff, or use the button on their profiles.

5.4 • Do not share others' personal information publicly or privately. This includes:
- Phone numbers
- Real names
- Addresses
- Images or photos
- Links to social network/media profiles
5.4.1 - We do not recommend sharing your own personal information (such as social media links), however it is not prohibited.

5.5 • You as the account owner are liable for anything that goes on with your account, or in connection to any IP networks your account is part of.
5.5.1 - Avoid using proxy connections to access PB2 as this may put you at risk of joining an IP network containing banned IP addresses.
5.5.2 - You are responsible for any other players known to be using the same connection as you, ensure they are respectful, ethical, and abide by the Plazma Burst 2 Code of Conduct.

5.6 • Your site login, chosen nickname, and any profile field such as 'Location' must be appropriate.
5.6.1 - Logins, nicknames, or profile fields must not contain any of the following:
- Swearing
- Racial slurs
- Sexual references
- Insults or threats
5.6.2 - Profiles containing inappropriate content may be disabled permanently without warning.

5.7 • Please do not impersonate other players or site staff.

6. Staffing, Bans, and Warnings:

6.1 • Site Staff are here to ensure the smooth running of the community and website.

6.2 • When being corrected by a member of staff, warned for a wrongdoing, or assisted in any matter, please refrain from arguing with them. You have the right to make a case for your actions in the event of an infraction, but discuss the matter politely and in a civil manner.

6.3 • If you are warned or banned for any reason on any part of the site, you have the right to contact site staff about the ban if you believe it was made in error, or that the punishment was unjustified.

6.4 • Attempts to evade a ban by any means will result in a new ban for twice the length of the original, starting from the day of evasion.
6.4.1 - If you resort to evasion to appeal a ban, the appeal will be denied. Email your appeals to ""
6.4.2 - Evading any ban for any reason automatically gives up ownership of your account. Accounts used to evade bans may be permanently disabled by site staff.
6.4.3 - Allowing, helping, or enabling another player to evade a ban will result in an infraction, up to a ban of the same length as the banned player's suspension.

6.5 • Your forum warnings are reduced by 1 every 90 days.

6.6 • Site staff are not required to give a warning before banning a rule-breaking user.
6.6.1 - For petty offences, or offences that are clearly mistakes, staff members will issue a warning or reminder.
6.6.2 - Some staff are more lenient than others, they are human; you will have no problems if no rules are broken.

6.7 • Resisting or ignoring warnings made by site staff will result in a suspension from the Plazma Burst 2 website should offensive or illegal behaviour continue.

6.8 • Mini-Modding/Backseating/Backseat Moderating is allowed if staff are away or offline, however reporting rulebreakers to staff with screenshots is always the best way to help out. If staff are active, please refrain from backseating.

6.9 • Site, chatroom, and forum bans may be appealed if it is believed the ban is in error or unwarranted. Please visit

7. Miscellaneous:

7.1 • Plazma Burst 2 does not currently have a dedicated clans system; Plazma Burst 2 does not endorse or support any unofficial clans.
7.1.1 - See: "A Notice Regarding Clans" - 05 September 2016
Spoiler: Show More
Hello Community!

This is an important notice regarding clans, the clan section, and the Plazma Burst 2 Staff Team's involvement in unofficial clans.

Partly due to the current status of unofficial clans surrounding the Plazma Burst 2 community, and partly due to the lack of an official clan system in Plazma Burst 2, the Plazma Burst 2 Staff Team has decided to halt endorsement and support of offsite unofficial clans.

This will mean that the "Clans" section of the Plazma Burst 2 Official Forums will be shut down. Discussion or advertisement of unofficial clans will no longer be permitted on the Plazma Burst 2 Official Forums.

Additionally, Plazma Burst 2 Staff will be withdrawing from unofficial clan sites and unofficial clan chatrooms. We as a team will be ignoring reports of hacking, nuking, or any other incident should it happen completely off-site - not involving Plazma Burst 2 directly. This means that if Clan A hacks into Clan B's website, Plazma Burst 2 Staff are not responsible for finding or punishing the perpetrators either off-site or on-site.

However, the following acts are still prohibited:
- Using Plazma Burst 2's features (inbox/chatroom/game chat) to plan any hacking activity against any other party.
- Using Plazma Burst 2's features (inbox/chatroom/game chat) to discuss any hacking activity against any other party.

We will be working to ensure an official clan system is operational in Plazma Burst 2.5.

Kind Regards,
Plazma Burst 2 Staff Team

7.1.2 - Discussion of clans is permitted at any length besides discussion relating to named (or implied) individuals within the clan that violates Plazma Burst 2's Code of Conduct (rules)
7.1.3 - No clan, group, or other unofficial third party will be given special treatment by staff members. Please do not ask for such.
7.1.4 - Pretending to be affiliated with Plazma Burst 2 (such as telling other players your third party clan is "official") is prohibited.

7.2 • Purposefully causing pointless drama will also result in a suspension. It wastes the time of the staff, and achieves nothing.

7.3 • Cursing and Swearing:
7.3.1 - Cursing/Swearing is not prohibited, but we ask you to be mindful of your language.
7.3.2 - Do not curse/swear excessively.
7.3.3 - All cursing, swearing and threats that is directed towards another member of the community, or a group within the community, is outright banned.

7.4 • Loopholes:
7.4.1 - Finding and attempting to create or use loopholes in the rules will result in consequences.

7.5 • Reporting Others:
7.5.1 - If you are aware of rulebreaking, or encourage others to take part in it, you are responsible for the acts of the rulebreaker and may be banned.

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Re: Plazma Burst Code of Conduct - Official Rules

Postby DoomWrath » 1 May 2018, 17:41

Further Clarifications

This section explains in more detail certain aspects of the site rules.

8. What is Prohibited Content?

Prohibited Content is any topic, message, image, link, or file that is not allowed in Plazma Burst 2.

This includes:

• Any Inappropriate Content as listed next
• Any link, message, or image which infringes the privacy of other users, such as an IP logging link.
• Sharing IP adresses in general.
• Links disguised as other messages (fake private messages in the chatroom)
• Links which automatically initiate a download
• Links to illegal or pirated software
• Jumpscares (Links designed to cause a fright or shock)
• Advertisement of other games, chatrooms, websites, or products
• Trolling in any shape or form

Prohibited and Inappropriate Content is not allowed on any part of the Plazma Burst 2 website.

9. What is Inappropriate Content?

Inappropriate Content is anything that is not suitable for every member of the Plazma Burst 2 community.

This includes:

• Racist, sexist, or discriminatory comments of any nature
• Real life nudity, pornography, or sexual content
• Simulated, drawn, or digital nudity, pornography, or sexual content
• Swearing or cursing
• Drugs references
• Hatred towards an individual or a group
• Illegal content
• Religious topics
• Gory or disgusting content

Any of the previous content is not welcome in the Plazma Burst 2 community.

10. Gameplay:

10.1 Your gameplay style must be fair to all players.

The following are allowed:
- Camping (Staying in one spot)
- Jump boosting
- Blind-firing
- Weapon spam (Firing continuously)
- Grenade spam (Throwing grenades continuously)
- Avoiding shots using crouch/ragdoll
- Any other fair playstyle

The following are not allowed:
- Hacking/Cheating
- Ping-bombing (Setting ping to levels below the majority of players)
- Physics exploits (For example, flying on a map with standard settings)
- Unfair teaming in approved/ranked deathmatches
- Unfair use of game chat (For example, informing enemy player of the location of teammates)

Moderators may remove (kick) players from matches if they partake in the following acts - these acts are discouraged:
- Being AFK for long periods during matches
- Using an AFK player to farm kills
- Leaving/rejoining matches to purposefully avoid losing PP/PPP
- Abusing the kick option/Kicking players without appropriate reason.

11. Miscellaneous:

- Rage Voting:

Rage voting is defined as voting a user's maps down (1* or 2* votes) for the sole purpose of lowering the player's LDR. Voting down numerous maps belonging to one player or a specific group of players' maps over a short period shows clearly that the maps were not played.

Alternatively, voting nothing but 1* across random maps/a specific player's maps is a clear indication of abuse of the rating system.

Making threats to vote a single map 1*, for the sole purpose of lowering LDR, then carrying out this threat, is also an offence.

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Re: Plazma Burst Code of Conduct - Official Rules

Postby DoomWrath » 1 May 2018, 17:51

The Plazma Burst Community Staff (Administration/Moderators/Support Members) reserve the right to ban, block, suspend, or otherwise prevent any player from using any service of or related to Plazma Burst for any reason at any time. This applies to the game, site, chat, forums, site messaging service, and forum messaging service.

These rules were last updated July 1st 2020

View the rules in other languages here:
Spanish / Espanol
French / En français

Plazma Burst 2 Rules property of Plazma Burst Administrator 'DoomWrath/Doomzerker' and the Plazma Burst 2 Staff Team (c) 2014-2020
Graphics property of Plazma Burst Administrator 'Tempus' and the Plazma Burst 2 Staff Team (c) 2018-2020

If you are creating a third party Plazma Burst group or website, feel free to link back here, however please do not copy and paste the rules directly onto your project.
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