Power League Team signups! [CLOSED]

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Power League Team signups! [CLOSED]

Postby Silent Aurora » 1 September 2017, 03:07


This is where you officially sign up your team with the event, only team owners (who have been selected and announced on the official PL server) can post, all other posts will be deleted. To team owners, you have until 7th September to sign up your team. Please follow this format;

Team name:
Team colour:
Team members:
Date of creation:

Thank you!
Silent Aurora
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Re: Power League Team signups!

Postby Lord Blue Blood » 2 September 2017, 15:26

Team name: GG (get good)
Team colour: #5600ff
Team members: myself, lee, sparrow, Auditore, Acellamy, irina, zak, Rosee, Zemai and Acid Blitz.
Date of creation: 1st of september 2017
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Lord Blue Blood
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Re: Power League Team signups!

Postby former » 5 September 2017, 02:18

Team name: $kill$
Team colour: #106ece
Team members: Slash/Kayd/Panik/Fasho/Syn/Sasuke/Aurez/Toklo/Energy/Duriel
Date of creation: September 4th, 2017.

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Re: Power League Team signups!

Postby Arthur 55 » 7 September 2017, 00:27

Team name: Uchiha
Team colour: Black
Team members: Lonewolf/Trickshot /Redrain/Sniper jay/ Arty/ Walian/ Josh/Obi/Rep/Arthur 55
Date of creation: 9/6/17
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Arthur 55
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Re: Power League Team signups!

Postby Bryguy4280 » 7 September 2017, 01:36

Team Name: Bandits
Team Color: #2a0058 (dark purple)
Team Members: (whoever gets drafted or choosen)
Date of Creation:9/6/2017 (originally 9/2/2017)
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Re: Power League Team signups!

Postby maxydude0 » 7 September 2017, 03:44

Team name: The Lab
Team colour: #11c22d
Team members: Players from the draft
Date of creation: 9/6/17

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La Familia

Postby Count Dracula » 8 September 2017, 00:29

Team name: La Familia
Team color: #fabe00
Team members: Count Dracula, Frisky1051, Euphoric Stargazer, deadlyCheetah, Franson, Damnation, ILord, ASDFAFJOE, Zeid and one more player from draft
Date of creation: 9/7/2017

Count Dracula
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