Championship Finals of PWL!

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Championship Finals of PWL!

Postby Synergic X » 23 January 2017, 02:06

Today is the championship of the finals of the PWL. The 2 teams who won their division, Radioactive and GeNo, are going head to head for the finals. The maps that will be played is rails, rays, arena, warfare, and snipers. The maps will be played in Washington and California servers.

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Re: Championship Finals of PWL!

Postby Dariy » 23 January 2017, 16:33

So how does one participate in this?
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Re: Championship Finals of PWL!

Postby Ampz » 23 January 2017, 22:37

Lol GeNo lost rails. And lost a 2v3 in Snipers. How do u let radio get a championship ring? God v_v

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