Kill to Stop Cancer: A [NIR] Project UPDATE!!!

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Kill to Stop Cancer: A [NIR] Project UPDATE!!!

Postby noune » 29 October 2016, 14:49

The date this event will be held will be on February 16th
In honor of those lost in the database crash.

Any information you probably would as for is in the previous topic you should find below.
Since the post was deleted, I have put all the information here:

Basically, we hold a event in PB2 called “Kill Cancer” where for each person to attend we donate a dollar to this charity:

This site has 94% of its funds go to its program, which means that 94% of the money we donate goes to helping stop Lung Cancer. The other 6% of the money goes to running and paying the organizations facility and staff, which isn’t that bad when you think about it.

Any other questions?
please comment below.
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