Map contest II !

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Map contest II !

Postby KIRIAKOS GR96 » 19 May 2018, 15:55

Hello and welcome to Map contest!

Concept and Organisation:

- Kiriakos Gr96
- Participants can enter their selected map from the 26th and have approximately 1 week to get it in.
- Participants will have one week to enter their map.
- Once Submissions are closed soon the winning map will be picked.
- In each event, I will be putting the specific dates for each event.
Kiriakos Gr96 wrote:Submissions are now close.Please do not send any more maps, soon the results will be posted below. Thank you for entering, and good luck!


Entering the Event:

- When submitting your map, remember to follow the submissions template - this makes it much easier to determine if your map is suitable.
- Don't use anyone else's work. Enter only your own maps.

Submissions Template:

Map Name:
Map ID:
Link to Map page:
Link to Demo page:



- Map must follow the criteria : Singleplayer,Pixel art map
- Map must follow the Code of Conduct.
- Each user can only submit 1 map.
- Don't edit your map other than minor bugfixes once submitted.
- Once submissions are closed, do not edit or unpublish your map. Unpublished maps will be removed from voting.
-The maps which participate in the contest must be original. Copied maps can't participate in the competition and will be removed.

(For your map you can you doors or backgrounds or both,You can even make scenario(map) with pixel art theme or just some pixel art models to showcase)



Why didn't my map appear in the submission list?
Basically, your map is not suitable. It must fulfill every piece of criteria for it to be submitted to voting.

When will results be announced?
2 or 3 days after the submissions are closed.

What makes my map suitable?
The map must follow the criteria set by the current event - if it asks for slow-motion shotgun maps, and you submit a normal speed railgun arena, the map will not be suitable. It must also be published, non-offensive and cannot contain any major errors that make the map unplayable.



- This is the official main topic for Map contest.
- Awards (There are no rewards at this moment)
- If you have any questions, please PM me here


Map submissions:




1st ditzy-cs




Previous Map contests results

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Map contest!

1st captain chickenoos-unknownarena

2nd zzninjazz-war

3rd mrblake213-finalcombat

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