.:How to Calculate for Weapon Damage (Torso Damage Only):.

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.:How to Calculate for Weapon Damage (Torso Damage Only):.

Postby Unfairness » 4 April 2018, 15:02

Its actually quite easy. Took me more than 10 minutes to research.
Unfortunately, I can only come up for the torso damage
And also no upgrades

The calculation isnt really there. So I made this.

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n = projectile power
n * [10 * (n + 1.1)]

For example:
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Assault Rifle CS-RC- Projectile power = 0.7 (No upgrades)

0.7 * [10 * (0.7 + 1.1)] = 12.6

If you look up at the wiki, the answer is the same for the damage for the torso

Another example:
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Pistol CS-Pro- Projectile power = 0.9 (No upgrades)

0.9 * [10 * (0.9 + 1.1)] = 18

If you go to 'darkstar 1- range' and shoot at the torso of the Dummy (With no upgrades, of course), its result will be very similar to the answer

This is be very useful to gun modders, probably you, too.
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