How to make an elevator with moving background.

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How to make an elevator with moving background.

Postby Aldien » 25 December 2017, 04:38

So uh.... i don't know how to explain things very well, but i hope you understand.

First, you need to know about making a false door/false region (Find it on other topic, i have no idea how to explain this. Or you can look in the open source down there.)
Second, you need to know about moving door (or elevator) system, this is a basic knowledge of map making.

Okay lets start.
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1. Create a false door, 2 regular doors, 2 false regions, 8 (or 10 for calling the elevator) regular regions, and 2 (create 4 if you created 10 regular regions) triggers.

2. Then make a basic elevator system, use the one that moves door to a region, MAKE SURE FALSE DOOR IS CONNECTED TO FALSE REGIONS, AND REGULAR DOOR CONNECTED TO REGULAR REGION!

3. This one is not needed, but if you wan't to do it then you can because it makes it looks more cooler. Changing the background (false door) color! Use the trigger action that changes the color (Change color of Movable 'A' to HEX color 'B')

At the end it will end up like this (ignore every stuff i didn't mention on the list) :
If you still doesn't understand (of what i'm talking about), try this map : aldien-re (Instant demo link :
Map link (Clearly, Open Source.) :
I'm sorry if you still doesn't understand, you can PM me.
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