Trigger System: Punishing Players for Insulting You!

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Trigger System: Punishing Players for Insulting You!

Postby Fan Fan1 » 30 June 2017, 01:16

Please use root capabilities when testing my map in singleplayer!
Map ID: fan fan1-censored
Map Demo:

Hi everyone! I like to propose a my latest trigger system called the "Chat Moderator". This trigger system utilises the new PB2 triggers by checking the chat sentences for any rude or inappropriate words. The system will then check which player it was who said that sentence and will be punished by having their head explode as if they were saying "-kill" in MP. This will hopefully force players to control their language when playing your maps.

Here is the current dictionary that will get a person killed:
- noob
- (the f word)
- fecal matter (the s word)
- female dog (the b word)
- b@st@rd
- kys
- (gender specific organs)
- n1gg3r
- heal
- stfu
- wtf
- st*p1d
- 1d10t

As you can see, I am trying really hard not to swear while trying to make sense at the same time.

Some limitations is that the dictionary is not case sensitive. The best I censor was all capital letters and all lowercase letters. Also, there is no guarantee that players will rate 1 because of this trigger system and I am not responsible if this does happen to one of your maps.

This map is OPEN SOURCED, you are allowed to copy and/or modify things from the current dictionary. Modifying the current dictionary should be self-explanatory as there are labels to guide you. I also hope that this map will influence you guys to use more of the new triggers.

Since this map/post does deal with the use of inappropriate language, I am aware that I could be potentially breaking the rules. Please PM me on the main site if that is the case and tell me what I need to remove.

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Re: Trigger System: Punishing Players for Insulting You!

Postby wreak » 30 July 2017, 17:37

Iike the work put into it. Why did you make "heal" a censored word though?

But maps are getting better and better to a point where players are fixing issues Eric didn't do back then.

OFFTOPIC: I still want to know how you are able to banish or hire players using one button, I have a base map with chat commands but it still doesnt feel that complete with a player hiring system.
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Re: Trigger System: Punishing Players for Insulting You!

Postby _rayriflepie » 21 January 2018, 16:14

wreak wrote:Iike the work put into it. Why did you make "heal" a censored word though?

He did that for your amusement. If someone yells HEAL all the time, they can't be healed. You should also blacklist the number 6.
This will be funny in multiplayer lol.

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