Map making: How to check for HP loss

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Map making: How to check for HP loss

Postby GiraRay » 8 May 2017, 21:50

I came up with an idea that could be used as a cool feature in maps. I don't know how, but it doesn't matter. ... &id=814345

Notes are in the map source. Feel free to copy the mechanism and/or rate the map. :D


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In the map source, the only important triggers are triggers *2 and *4.

Trigger *4 constantly activates itself and sets variable [p_hp] to the player's amount of HP.

Trigger*2 constantly activates itself and compares the current HP ([p_hp) to the player's HP that was before that ([player_hp].) If the current HP is less than [player_hp] then it will continue the trigger's actions and play a BNG sound. If the hp is not less than [player_hp], then it wont.

Basically, the 2 triggers check both the player's current HP and the HP before it got changed (or the player's current HP if it didn't change), and checks if there is a decrease.

The other mechanism (which is the right one) is a simpler version (AND CONTAINS ONLY THE ESSENTIAL STUFF) and checks the Usurpation.
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Re: Map making: How to check for HP loss

Postby darkstar 1 » 9 May 2017, 14:39

Was thinking the same for a hit detection, but never actually made it, good to know that it works :P
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