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ban appeal for videogames73

Postby erical » 23 October 2017, 06:14

Username: Videogames73

Profile Link: ... 3&id=18126

When were you banned: Saturday 14th, October 2017

Where were you banned (Site/Forum): Both?

The displayed reason for banning: Stealing/Hijacking accounts

To whoever wants to reply to this,

I'm sick of hijacking accounts and want to start over. I've come here because I want to play the game the way it was meant to be played, because it is a well made game. I've had a lot of fun messing around on and off for the last few years. Since the last year or two, I've noticed things have changed in the way people play this game. A large portion of the player base doesn't play ranked anymore and they've taken a less than positive approach in treating each other. I've had people chase me around typing in full caps whatever negative concoction of broken English they can think of.

The experiences lead me to start to think lesser and lesser of the people I play with and the moderator staff that let them go unpunished for blatant harassment and stupidity. At the time, with no regard for the rules of the game, I took matters into my own hands and got into those accounts to shut them up in my own way. It was an easy way to have the last laugh and it was a rush for a little while.

Now, I've finally taken the repercussions for my actions. An IP ban on my original, day 1 account (and jackaller too lul) have been placed and I admit that I deserve the punishment. I'm tired of taking actions into my own hands and I want to go back to the way things were. My first post was brash, and that's because I thought very little of the staff that had let the player base devolve into what it is now. After talking to ZapruderFilm, my opinion has changed and I realize that the staff can't be responsible for the player base as a whole. I should have done the proper thing by reporting harassers instead of breaking the rules.

I'm here asking for a second chance. I want to get back to the way things used to be, playing ranked games and working on my k/d. If the staff is willing to offer me another chance, I'll cease getting into accounts and turn over my list as a gesture that I'm done violating the rules. I just want to go back to the way things used to be.

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Re: ban appeal for videogames73

Postby DoomWrath » 14 November 2017, 01:05

Okay. We will remove your ban if you can explain how you were hijacking the accounts, and can provide a list of the accounts hijacked to the best of your knowledge. You can PM this info to me via forums.

I apologise for the long wait before a response.
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