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Postby El Purple Grass » 16 August 2018, 23:28

Just asking, do you think Guests should exist in PB2?
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Re: Guests

Postby lostmydollar » 17 August 2018, 15:13

no, they shouldn't. hackers and trolls are hiding behind those numbers and can do whatever they want without risks for themselves. if Eric wants potential players to test pb2 out before registering on the website he should just let them play singleplayer. why the heck do they need an access to multiplayer?
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Re: Guests

Postby Kostadin 8 » 17 August 2018, 21:18

they shouldnt, deal with it JOG
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Re: Guests

Postby GZ55 » 18 August 2018, 20:53

They shouldn't, just like it was in 2011. Plazma Burst 3 won't have Guests either.

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Re: Guests

Postby Resi » 20 August 2018, 06:09

No, they're a heavily exploitable feature which has been seen even more lately.
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Re: Guests

Postby mrblake213 » 20 August 2018, 13:33

In my opinion, Guests should stay but the system should be improved.
Such "improvements" were suggested before by other players, an example would be reduced permissions.
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