Weirdest map ever!

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Weirdest map ever!

Postby Build » 7 August 2018, 04:37

i was looking maps in servers
but there is a weird map
when i join i hear a loud noise
and i'm like wtf is going on
and when i go on the end of the map
it just froze my screen and crashed
is it some triggers?
and its related to "future is there"
also there is a message says ">Your Name< connected"
But if u try in singleplayer that message will not show

link here: ... ----------
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Re: Weirdest map ever!

Postby Eric Gurt » 7 August 2018, 07:43

This is your map. Why would you ask?
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Re: Weirdest map ever!

Postby Guide » 7 August 2018, 08:46

Exposed ?
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