Rights with stuff of others?

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Rights with stuff of others?

Postby lrv » 12 August 2017, 13:04

I wanted to ask how do rights with maps go?
If someone for example made a map with some cool modded gun And you reproduced it, are you allowed to publish maps with it?(if the mpas are opensource I don't think you haven't got the right).
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Re: Rights with stuff of others?

Postby darkstar 1 » 12 August 2017, 13:17

If they are opensourced, you can assume that the map maker allows you to copy it (or for educational purpose), if he didn't opensource it he probably didn't want others to copy that particular thing or in fear that others would copy the whole map.
It's probably allowed to use some simple or basic modded guns without permission, but if somebody invents something pretty cool and hard to make, then you could ask the map maker if you can get that gun for your map or try to replicate it in your own way, but don't take the credits for it if it isn't invented/made by you.
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Re: Rights with stuff of others?

Postby WolfMaster12 » 12 August 2017, 13:19

Open source means that anyone can see and / or copy the map, so if you open-source your map, you give your rights to the map away, meaning anyone can copy it if they want. It also means that people have rights to copy certain things from map and publish their own maps with those things, Staff cannot help you in cases like copying maps which are open sourced / using your ideas because it was you who gave your rights away.
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