Some noticeable issues and potential limits

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Which of these do you believe is more interesting or important?

That Ledge glitch, it needs to be fixed!
The Cloaking commands, I wanna see how those can be used!
The Gun commands, we have had the same gun shops for too long!
Who really cares?
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Some noticeable issues and potential limits

Postby sean l » 13 April 2018, 09:08

First off, there is an existing ledge glitch that applies to maps with certain ledges, when you grab the ledge, you cant get up it without moving your arms behind your torso. this is mostly prominent in Max Teabag's MMO-arena. this makes things harder for self boosting or edge boosting players, and should be at least looked into.

Second, any attempts of making cloaks in non Coop modes fail. this is more of a game potential limitation as modguns with the power to cloak players would make custom maps much more interesting. and as far as deathmatch skins go the civil security ghost skin can be considered the visible variant. can a new set of commands exist that affect the opacity of players and the items they hold?

Third, there is no ability to teleport guns between regions when they are not held. this is extremely limiting in the power of gun distribution and would make maps much cleaner if a few commands were added to control the movement of guns.
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