Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

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Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

Postby Ayano » 11 January 2018, 12:05

So I've been wondering.
What do people usually prioritize in terms of combat.
Would you rather get a Weapon which could One shot most enemies?
Or would you rather get Armor which protects you from a large amount of enemies?
I know some people would say they would want a mix of Offense and Defense just to balance themselves out.
But if you were to pick only one, which would it Be and Why?

I personally I would prioritize defense over offense.
its not simply because "the best Defense, is the best offense".
But some of the perks which comes with Defense itself.
In team based games, I could distract the enemy and take a couple of hits while my team would deal damage.
In Solo based games I tend to outlast the enemy and sometimes overthrowing them in terms of HP
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Re: Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

Postby Green Eyed Demon » 11 January 2018, 16:50

"The best defense is a good offense"

I prefer an offensive style over a defensive one for several reasons,although both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.I prefer raining down hell on people with an overwhelming force,I prefer using weapons that can completly destroy enemies in just a few or a single shot because curbstomping them to hell feels good,gives them a reason to make you their priority which only makes it more fun and although people will hardly respect you for completly destroying them(as seen on this game too),it will still leave a mark on their ego.Get beaten enough times and you'll start making mistakes.
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Re: Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

Postby Xey » 11 January 2018, 22:16

Personally I prefer offense, something more exciting to it, especially when you catch someone off guard with a melee kill.
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Re: Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

Postby wreak » 12 January 2018, 01:22

I don't really have a choice over the two. It really just depends on what's going on, if the enemy is aggressive or defensive. If I need to take over a spot or protect it. I wouldn't say I'm a master in any of the 2 but I am proficient at both.

but if I REALLLLLLLYYYYYY had to pick one, I would say a little bit of defense. Its frustrating as hell to die from fall damage (it's uncommon for me now) and ESPECIALLY one shots from mid range. I can understand dying from up close or really far like a sniper bullet which you could avoid the red laser but getting completely clean of your health on a superpowers map while you have poor defense and a sorry ass gun just adds to why I prefer a bit more defense. Less room for stupid errors.
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Re: Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

Postby Zyra Xov » 12 January 2018, 22:24

I guess it depends on what phase you're on, i.e. if I'm in the beginning, and I'm a squishy, then I'd go for offense and vice versa.

But at endgame (for RTS), I'd go all-out offense.
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Re: Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

Postby JayaRaya » 13 January 2018, 10:20

I always prefer Defense. I would only attack if someone / something attack me first, it's called "Self-defense". Something to do with my religion, nationality, and my personality.
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Re: Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

Postby WolfMaster12 » 13 January 2018, 17:17

I would always prefer offense.

You can have great armor, but if you only can handle pistol, and even that poorly, then, I'm sorry, you do not have any chance to survive over a person who knows how to wield powerful weapons, such as shotguns and assault rifles.

Also, defense over offense makes most of us dumbly rely on the armor and run directly through a field (where you obviously are quickly made into Swiss cheese no matter how good armor you have), while offense over defense prioritizes your own skills and actually asks effort from you in a 16-player match in a medium-sized room as you chose a rather bad armor but strong guns and you should do your best to avoid getting surrounded, though in both preference categories are exceptions as well. This one seems to be related with some sort of mental mechanics.

Finally, my own reason is that I love to screw around with strong weapons, kill people with a 1-shot-KO weapon constantly and, if possible, blow vehicles up with one hit, especially those which have a large amount of people inside them, such as military trucks or buses.
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Re: Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

Postby maxim12 » 13 January 2018, 20:55

I prefer offence, It's already explained why in this thread several times^
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Re: Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

Postby Hikarikaze » 14 January 2018, 20:36

Pure offense or defense at their extremes always require high skill to perform good in. It's fun to run around with a 1HK weapon sometimes but it's not fun to be a glass cannon either (especially if you're super fragile). Maybe it's satisfying to get a few kills but getting killed easily diminishes that feeling over time

I'd prefer offense more but I also like balance between the two. Good offense always needs good defense. No amount of skill can substitute either forever
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Re: Offense or Defense? What do you prefer?

Postby GhostX5 » 24 January 2018, 11:16

I prefer Offense.

For me, I'd rather not rely on my HP & Armor, but instead deal with my weapon's stats when using it. I mean, I could run, selfboost and dodge bullets in PB2, but not taking bullets. I would only take bullets when someone's life is in danger, like an enemy is right in front of me, but I prefer standing between him & my teammate.

Relying on HP is indeed not a good idea for me, since we could still regenerate, but we can't regenerate when one of our body parts is shot off/ripped apart, plus lying down, crawling away until I die of bleeding or killed instantly while injured.
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