Most memoriable games you played?

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Most memoriable games you played?

Postby maxim12 » 10 August 2017, 19:24

just post here your most memoriable good games you ever played.

I'll start:
Crysis wars. I loved this game, speciality the multiplayer, the large maps, loved it, I've got so many memories from it, even though I was a complete noob at that game in multiplayer lol XD

Worms 4 Mayhem. Even though the game is too much cartoony for my taste, I still played it alot and had many great memories from it, from singleplayer to multiplayer.

Red alert 3. Oh man, I've got so much memories from it, It brings up nostalgia, I've used to play it alot, both singleplayer skirimish and multiplayer, ahh memories, miss this game so much. :(

Dark orbit. It used to be my favorite space shooter flash player MMORPG game, It used to be good back then, untill the developers destroyed such great game with stupid updates, alot of players left the game because of that. The game used to have good atmosphere, like you're in a dark space surrounded by creepy aliens, but It's not the case now. For me, the game has lost this memoriable atmosphere it had. :(

Now after Gamespy has been shutdown, you cant really play good multiplayer in those games anymore, they have now multiuplayer that has been revived by the fans, but still, those games are so dead now, very sad... :(
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Re: Most memoriable games you played?

Postby Lyte » 12 August 2017, 03:27

Age of Empires 2
Fusion Frenzy
Conflict Desert Storm
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Re: Most memoriable games you played?

Postby ilijah999 » 12 August 2017, 06:40

Arkham City: That game is perfect in every way

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Re: Most memoriable games you played?

Postby pinipigbomb » 12 August 2017, 23:21

The Mass Effect original trilogy. Yeah, the first game is dated as hell and the final act of the third game has much to be desired. They're going to be my favorite games of all time regardless.
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Re: Most memoriable games you played?

Postby Civil boi 112 » 13 August 2017, 21:25

Well first of all i am not that old i'm not in my 20's or something so i grew up playing some old games i could get my hands on and some now a days games but the memorable games i played where super mario 64 yes i had a N64 idk how i got it but we just had one laying around star wars battlefront 1 and 2 for the ps2 witch both games i actually still have and play mortal kombat deception i still play it sometimes..and finally this game! pb2! i played it since i was 8 but that was the old version and yes i am byrnes if some of you did not know but most of you probably dont know who that is but anyway thats me those are the most memorable games i have played.

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Re: Most memoriable games you played?

Postby WolfMaster12 » 14 August 2017, 13:37

The most memoriable game for me is definitely Just Cause 2. Even though it does not have MP (or at least the PS3 version says so), it gave me the feeling of nostalgia of old action shooting games where you actually needed effort to win enemies even on Easy, combined with a good amount of GTA-ish browse-the-map while outside missions, the area where the game takes place is filled with opportunities to cause chaos and help the civs of Panau (a fictional island nation where the game takes place)
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Re: Most memoriable games you played?

Postby shadowstorm122 » 17 August 2017, 20:41

Far Cry 3
Far Cry 2
NFS Rivals
Crisis 3
Mirrors Edge
Uncharted 1, 2 and 3
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