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Fan Art Lore

Postby tehswordninja » 27 May 2019, 04:43

There's been a lot of talk about Fan Art guns (especially the ones currently in the game) and I'd be curious to hear how you guys see the fan art guns, lore-wise.

I've been treating the AV-135, RPG, Needle, and RMK-36 as outdated surplus, once used by the Pan-Russian army but now out of service due to the Civil Security effectively becoming Earth's army, replacing individual Country militaries, although the RMK-36 is a newer weapon compared to the other three. These guns in universe wouldn't be fielded by the Civil Security but rather any form of Rebel/terrorist/mercenary faction out there.

The QCcV-50, PHANX-92 and LMG-01 weapons don't appear to have dedicated manufacturers yet so I've seen them as weapons that are also used by various groups and weapons that likely wouldn't be fielded by the Civil Security, other than the LMG-01 which would make sense being used by Civil Security Heavies.

The Crossfire guns clearly do have a manufacturer (Crossfire, duh) and so I've created a bit of lore for them. I've seen Crossfire as a "deep space" manufacturer; they have manufacturing plants on the moon, Mars, and Earth, and typically advertise their weapons as heavy duty and robust firearms that can operate in any environment, including zero-g. Their weapons would be sold to pretty much anyone, and I think the Civil Security fielding their weapons in limited numbers wouldn't be much of a stretch, especially by Civil Protectors. They seem to be some sort of military police so a heavy duty SMG and rifle would fill their needs.

The two Alien guns are simple enough, as well as the CS-Gauss Rifle and CS-Autocannon, as these designs are apart of already existing factions and weapon sets.

The CP rifle is also obvious; it's a purpose-built rifle designed for use by Civil Protectors for whatever they do (assumably military police work and possibly counter-terrorist).

The Falkok guns are interesting because the Falkoks in universe make heavy use of purchased Correction Nine technology, so them having their own dedicated weapons as well might conflict with that. I personally see it either as the Falkoks simply replacing their own indigenous designs with purchased equipment or a simple matter that we haven't seen any dedicated Falkok armies or groups yet that might make use of Falkok weapons, or even that they should be using the designs but they obviously haven't because Eric didn't make them yet.

Finally the Energy Rifle. I've always treated this as a Usurpation design, despite the fact it looks off-colored when compared to other Usurpation designs. Still, I think it works as is being a Usurpation design, or at least some sort of other Alien faction creation.

So what are your thoughts on how the fan art guns fit into PB2?
who needs a PB2.5 release date, anyways?
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Re: Fan Art Lore

Postby Roxxar » 27 May 2019, 05:28

im gonna ignore all fanart that got in for now, i suppose right now i'll only be speaking in campaign/pre-fanart "lore" or "canon."

correction-9 guns, aka all the guns with the base C-01, belong to the space marine and by extension noir lime exclusively, for all we know. this includes the pistol (C-01p), rifle (C-01r), shotgun (C-01s), raygun (C-01y), and the minigun (differently labeled as C-02m, but i suppose we can chalk that up to being noir lime's gun and not exclusively the space marine's). the grenade, labelled C-00n would also fall under this category i guess

civil security guns, aka most guns with the base CS, are all made by various manufacturers and, i suppose, standardized under the title of "CS." this includes the CS-Pro pistol, CS-RC rifle, CS-DAZ shotgun, CS-HShot + OneSOneK (lite and heavy railguns), CS-SpamThemBaby (nade launcher), CS-LitBro (rocket), CS-BNG, CS-Bloom, CS-Virus, CS-YippeeKiYay (sniper), CS-PortNade, CS-Quarium (shieldnade)

usurpation guns, aka all guns labelled with "Alien," are all made by and primarily used by the usurpation forces. this includes alien pistol, alien rifle, and alien shotgun.

in-campaign, aliens may use cs guns and the c9 grenades might be scattered all around the map(s), but whatever lets just pretend that that's a case of invading parties scattering and scavenging stuff everywhere for the sole purpose of killing each other off as fast as possible.

i will discuss my thoughts on fanart guns another time

edit: i suppose one could argue the case that because the ray rifle was added before the first fanart submission wave, it's in a questionable spot in terms of canon and timeline placement. upon a quick search, apparently a variant of the cyber grub in F:ttP had an arm cannon equivalent to this? and apparently eric confirmed in a pm that it's based from a faction from mars? lore experts and fan-artists, GET ON IT (this is a joke dont crucify me)

i just realized that the topic said "fan art lore" and not the overarching topic of guns currently in-game my bad
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