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Re: Fanart Supply and Demand: A Summation

Postby phsc » 27 May 2019, 19:10

Roxxar wrote:yes it does matter what they submit, for the precise reason of its something people will vote on and something eric may or may not accept. its not all on the community/eric, the artist should be able to discern what should or shouldnt make it

but thing is, the artists arent going to deliciously exquisite pizza sauce discern shit like we literally have a pumpkin man and a bow n arrow submitted already ffs
they should? yes, should we not have had gulags in the past? yes, did we not have gulags? are we going to have artists who deliciously exquisite pizza sauce read the submission rules at the very least? very likely not all

why so much emphasis on such a useless common sense thing, those who are going to be able to understand that are the ones who arent going to upload a bow n arrow or a pumpkin man and that is why there is a poll or Eric or whatever

Roxxar wrote:the jason eden/terror only/lostmydollar (idk were they the same person? whatever) thing is a precise example of why im talking about discretion or at least the thing of fleshing out content. he should have known blatant unarmored boobs wouldnt have gotten in. he should have known just spattering on like 10 different slot 2 rifles wouldnt have all gotten in. its all about knowing what to submit rather than just submitting a smorgasbord of content and just hoping it would all tie in together. if i had just submitted my guns and said nothing more, would people have inferred they were falkonian-based aka something the game objectively lacks (falkonian content)? a lot of stuff got in, sure, (relative to what was accepted, but arguably not relative to what he submitted) but now look at what we're discussing and what that means for the game as a whole.

according to what i know sources being zap and jason himself:
jason eden = silent phoenix = monovalent = terror only = lostmydollar = henry eden
but did all of his guns get accepted? did that skin get accepted? the game did lack a terrorist-esque faction and that is what got in not his even more generic guns, what is the problem with that? do you truly believe that if a poll begun right now the pumpkin man or the AK47 by that dude would be accepted? and remember Eric exists too

theyre not 10 different slot 2 rifles, if their appearance were quite different it is fine for reasons i mentioned before such as aesthetics and popular use and which is why i think it isnt a problem to have redundant weapons if theyre balanced, and by that they have the same functions in the game for each faction so it is balanced

Roxxar wrote:lore doesnt need to be THAT specific jesus christ. that wasnt simplistic at all. how about for starters, what they look like and what's their relationship with the cs (e.g. enemies, allies, business partners, etc.)? just throw ideas out there and people will tag along or not. its not about appeasing everyone, its about an idea that makes sense
can you please stop saying "fuk" with a C, because apparently you sure do like pizza sauce.

that is what i consider a good lore, it was also simplistic as deliciously exquisite pizza sauce compared to what i would like to make if i made a game, but who cares, and my deduction of a terrorist faction makes sense doesnt it?

also over the pizza sauce fuked up stuff, i will use it the right way because PB2 staff is smart and this clearly removes all possible swearing because it doesnt declare pizza sauce as something that means the intended original use, like it isnt the same as having a string to be another string instead of the original content much different

a good use of that is:
XFrostByteX wrote:Phsc what do you hope to gain from this discussion.

may i reply to that question with another question

XFrostByteX what do you and your BoZ pizza saucers hope to gain from this discussion.

if you did indeed read everything which if someone did that person prob can read critique of pure reason in 30 minutes you would know i said that
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