mlg cool dominik exposed!!!

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mlg cool dominik exposed!!!

Postby Albzter » 27 April 2019, 06:56

As you guys can see he is racist and he wants us to die this is not another shitpost i swear you can also see him in the game saying death threats to innocent people please ban him staff i didn't expect him to do that the screenshots is obvious that mlg cool dominik did it!!
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Re: mlg cool dominik exposed!!!

Postby Ayano » 27 April 2019, 07:40

Can you like not
Just report him if you think hes that much of a problem.
I am not sure why you deleted the same topic and decided to create a new one.

or maybe simply just to remove this part
Albzter wrote:That's why i'm making fun of him he is racist and sending death threats!!!!!

either way your Original deleted post is still visible in the Forum feeds.
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Re: mlg cool dominik exposed!!!

Postby darkstar 1 » 27 April 2019, 09:15

There is this dutch proverb "A donkey doesn't hit the same stone twice", meaning that a person wouldn't make the same mistake twice, but this clearly doesn't apply to you as you keep making these meaningless and attention seeking posts over and over again.
You've made the same kind of post before and yesterday I've told you to PM each other instead of making drama on the forum. You could've easily reported this to a staff memeber, in PM, as well.
I suggest you read the forum rules again and do something about this behaviour when you come back.

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