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PB2.5 / PB3's Campaign

Postby ToxicGamePL » 25 April 2019, 11:02

So, I have a few questions about PB2.5/PB3's Campaign.

1. Cutscenes
I was wondering all the time, will there be cutscenes in the Campaign? In Plazma Burst 2, general plot was minimalized to dialogues that appeared really rarely, and I felt like I was playing a game almost without any lore. I think it would be better if Eric implemented a more complex dialogue / cutscene system, maybe in new Zombotron's way. Anyways, I don't really count on cutscenes in Plazma Burst 2.5/3 because it's a fast-paced scroller shooter, and I really don't know much shooter's in PB2's style that have any advanced plot / lore.

2. Marine's allies
Will the switching between you and your allies return? Like in PB2, you could switch to your ally and control him. Also, can you interact with your allies in any other way than controlling them? It would be cool if you could take your ally's weapon and give him yours. This feature could be actually implemented to PB2.5/3, I remember when I was just switching to Proxy, drop her gun and then as the Marine take it.

That are all my questions about PB2.5/3's Campaign.
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