Who is the best admin/mod in pb2 ?

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Re: Who is the best admin/mod in pb2 ?

Postby Hikarikaze » 15 November 2018, 23:23

Maybe I should answer this in a serious way. This is just based on what I've personally seen and been told.

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- Kiri is alright. He did his job decently but there's no need to have him around as an admin, considering how he got there in the first place. He'd fit better as a HM

- I haven't seen Temp in a long time so I can't say anything about recent things, but he was pretty dedicated to introducing and improving things to PB2

- I can't hold any type of respect for Doom. The guy switches positions when it comes to certain things and his word is easily forgotten and made useless. For example, the staff was strictly told by him once in the past not to share any information with me and yet the staff still does anyways since then as if that warning never existed.

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- Unsure why Zap is HM honestly. I was told by a staff member that his response to the map approval system criticism I laid out was "I'm just not even going to bother responding anymore." Not only did he reach HM in the fastest time but he put in the least amount of work to get there compared to every other staff member I've seen

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- Sparken/SA - Almost a carbon copy of me so he's good enough at his job. Personally he should be HM again considering he was always dedicated to doing his job well. Not sure about now but I still see that trait

- I don't know Proto enough to make any type of opinion on him but I don't get a positive vibe from him for some reason

- dandamage warned me once for a super trivial reason. Pretty sensitive regardless of how he tries to show himself. I can't respect him no matter what

- Who is teh again? Oh right, just another invisible person.

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- Guide is alright. There's not much he can do atm but he has potential

I still think I'm one of the best staff members. Say what you want about the staff being abusive or bad or whatever, but the rules they "abuse" were made the way they are primarily because of me. They play by my rules even if they have more power than I do now. The current staff is a complete joke compared to the staff in 2014-2015 when I was around. Things would be radically different today if I had still remained on the team
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Re: Who is the best admin/mod in pb2 ?

Postby Kostadin 8 » 16 November 2018, 03:03

not kissing your ass but you made a great hm even though i barely remember what you did
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