PB2.5 Possibility!!?

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PB2.5 Possibility!!?

Postby mrblake213 » 9 July 2018, 13:24

Eric Gurt has tweeted and posted a new game which he made in 6 days which he described on his twitter as a
Free-to-play Star Defenders-inspired demo game I've made in last ~6 days. 3D, destructible voxel world and multiplayer (p2p).

While the website description is written as
Star Defenders 3D demo. Unfinished project featuring unusual camera movement, randomly generated voxel world and peer-to-peer multiplayer. Did it for tests for the most part. Maybe you'll find it interesting?

Spoiler: Show More

Twitter link: https://twitter.com/Eric_Gurt/status/10 ... 2903476224
Website Link: http://gevanni.com/?page=new#_
Direct Link: http://gevanni.com/projects/StarDefenders3D/

What do you think? Do you think is this a possibility to be a similarity for PB2.5 or upcoming games?
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Re: PB2.5 Possibility!!?

Postby Player_PB2 » 13 July 2018, 03:13

it's laggy, but, when we fall from a high place our camera tilts for a second, i like it, lol
also when you shoot you can actually destroy the terrain
Wait, how did you find this?
What? you're gonna expect something else?
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