Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

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Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby Scorpionkiller » 4 March 2017, 12:29

Hey guys me again, just asking you what would you think if Plazma Burst 2 became an actual Movie? I've always imagined in my head sometimes when going to the shower or when I'm daydreaming sometimes.

The movie would not show the "game" like PPP or anything but instead. Good clans and bad clans would be like world alliances that would try to kill each other by destroying there ships or planets like STAR WARS or STARTREK players would be soldiers or random civilians as for legends they would be the ultimate soldiers that would try to save the world. Eventually there had to be a main character or not just a regroupement of legends.

Eric Gurt would be the Master like the "Cosmic Ancestor" that could do well i don't know have powers like the green lantern? And staff well they would be generals or ancestors too.

I was imagineing a movie for the first PB and the PB2 as it would be a desprate fight against Usupartion soldiers (Aliens) and between clans why not just make GSA the clan that would save everyone at the start but in fact wanted to control the galaxie as for EKAT they would be rebels to try and kill the GSA alliance controlled by Jason that would be the First movie since it was the first era of PB2 and 2 of the most famous clans that thought each other. BoZ could be Mercenarys or highly trained soldiers that had no enemy's.

There would also be what we call Plazma Arena an organized sort of Gladiator place where Players in this case people would fight to prouve there skills but wouldn't die since they could respawn thanks to a microchip that allowed tissue rebuilding to be extremely fast. Idk still an idea I thought..

The above was mostly for PB 1, for PB2 would be the new generation most of the legends would be dead and the galaxie enteres a crises. The usupartions keep this war up as the last war was a success but no longer legends to defend the galaxie from alien attacks so a scientist (proxy) discovered how to reanimate dead people. She would have to go to w variation of planets in order to reanimate legends in there sanctuary for them to fight one last time for earth and all other planets faith.. But the travel proxy takes Will be dangerous...

Tell me What you think or if you Would Like To add Something I Would Really Love if u could make a Movie about pb2 only tume Will Tell but I could allready Start scripts and post them in forums To make it Like a sort of Book Tell me your ideas and opinions Im open to everything.

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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby jdc55 » 7 March 2017, 03:56

Are you kidding me? This wouldn't happen even in a millions years. Just saying.
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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby Terror Only » 7 March 2017, 14:17

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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby Wardemption » 7 March 2017, 15:31

Uh huh.
Why not the Staff team vs the players? Lmao.
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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby Dandamage » 7 March 2017, 18:47

An animated movie would be really cool, but I think if it was made, it would be made by fans rather than an actual movie that goes on in the theaters. If this "movie" was made, it would be pretty awesome if they showed how the time warp and the upgrades work (if they are canon) and how the bases really are outside of 2D. About the content, just showing why the Marine must fix the timeline and the action would be pretty great, as the animation would be mostly about the action, and not the story.

Also, slow motion scenes and lots of gore must be in it, hehe.
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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby Tortoise » 7 March 2017, 21:18

Seriously though, it might be cool if someone with animation skills made an animated short. Although as dan said, it would need to focus on action rather than story. The community is quite small and I doubt that any of the game's fans would have the skills to pull it off, though.
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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby tehswordninja » 8 March 2017, 03:59

If an actual movie came out, I would not like to see anything clan-related or even player based related. I'd just like to see something that either covers the history of something, a certain part of the galaxy at a certain time, or just explains the campaign story.
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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby TinyTerror » 11 March 2017, 12:04

Awesome idea, though very unlikely. But, no green lantern "cosmic ancestor" thing. That part sounds dumb

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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby JayaRaya » 13 March 2017, 13:13

I agreed on tehswordninja, Im more interesting at the story of the Marine with his fellow companions, Proxy & Noir Lime. Their struggles to saved the humanity from the alien invasions. Imagined it in a full - animation movie video. That will be cool.
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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby Dr Hell » 14 March 2017, 08:41

A movie sounds like a really good idea, I agree on tehswordninja too, just make it fan made and that would do.
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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby 1202Jadenkorr » 17 March 2017, 06:22

a man sent back in time to stop a war and save humanity? its a amazing movie waiting to happen!
i would watch it.

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Re: Plasma Burst 2 Movie ? What do you think?

Postby OmegaCreeperBoy » 9 April 2019, 15:29

I would pay $89 just to see the movie, i am not kidding i saw the fan made trailer and it people might make a movie off it. And i would buy it and see it, IDC if i got to pay i need to see it! :D

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