The Base-dwellers

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The Base-dwellers

Postby Dub Dizzle » 2 November 2015, 08:57

Hello citizens of the second molecular release of the apparently-misspelled fourth state of matter! I am here to bring to you today a topic that has been brought up at least a hundred times in the past few centuries - and that's the base-dweller.

[facepalm] If you haven't figured it out already, base-dwellers are people who join unranked and unapproved base matches on a regular basis. Don't take it out of context either, I am not calling base-dwellers bad. [/facepalm]

The information to be seen in the spoiler is what we know about base-dwellers and their special niche to the community. I am, of course, just joking (They do, however, have some truth in them).

Spoiler: Show More
Natural habitats of base-dwellers
  • xnx-school
  • fnarfnar-base
  • luls-base
  • xnx-school
  • dariy-plane
  • [captain-obvious] Any map that has "base" in its name. [/captain-obvious]
  • Any map that has "school" in its name.
  • Any map that has "fort" in its name.
  • Did I mention xnx-school?
Examples of base-dwellers
  • Guests.
  • Roleplayers.
  • People who fail in approved matches.
  • Prepubescent children.
  • People who fail in xfrostbytex-matrixsniper.
  • Staff members.

There are countless more insights about the habitats and behaviors of base-dwellers, and Dr. Dizzle, PBhD, wants to know:
  • What are your general thoughts on base-dwellers?
  • Do you think that they're beneficial to the community?
  • Have you ever experienced being one?

Dub Dizzle

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