PB2 pisses me off/Not really a discussion

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PB2 pisses me off/Not really a discussion

Postby iDomino » 28 October 2015, 15:33

It seems like the PB2 today isn't the same as in the glory 2011. I feel like writing this post 'cause PB2's community just deliciously exquisite pizza sauce me up. Guest hate here, staff judging there. It's not like it was earlier. Silent Staff, silent people. But now, the staff became more "user friendly" what makes us believe in having the right to judge every shit they do and not.
Since Eric announced the release of PB 2.5 and published his twitter page the Plazma Burst 2 forums are actually
"Plazma Burst annoyed kids and pls don't discuss about PB2 anymore forums".
Update ideas; Cool thing, but not in the general discussion pls. I see PB2.5 here, there, everywhere. And Eric is still not publishing it 'cause it has to be improved still.

Nowadays Plazma Burst 2 consists of five types of players:

-rage kick/vote/report/-quitters
-a fractional percentage of "mature" users(staff excluded)
-young young kids which create private maps like: "seuls les fr pros"(the pass will be almost everytime "fr")

What's pissing me off is, You JOIN a map with 1 player. You KILL this player. The player LEAVES INSTANTLY. I mean... The user is ALONE and should be HAPPY about everyone joining this map if he/she feels bored. Why even JOIN a map if You LEAVE the map instantly after being shrekscoped by a random user? Or even the funniest type of players: "No kil pls". I'm not that into this "10 yrs old" world, but if You explain to this guy 3 times that this is RANKED and he should go CUSTOM if he wants to avoid being killed, You should expect a "oh okay" or "Oh I didn't know". Not a "deliciously exquisite pizza sauce You i said no kill".

And even the battles between users and Staff. I mean: seriously? They are like the schools' janitors. Without them, the community would be deliciously exquisite pizza sauce up even more and they're helping us with our problems.[WARNING; EXAMPLE] So I can't get it why guy "abc" insults staff "cba" because abc believes that "the Staff can't fix his interna problems when the leader can't even fix himself". Welp. C'mon. I miss the time when Staff was just staff and PB2 just a 2d tactical sidescrolling shooter with lots of F-U-N in it. Most of the users here don't even know what F-U-N is. F-U-N is that, what PB2 has lost to me in the years of some unnecessary updates creepy community and a more creepy feeling while reading
"Making PB2 a better place". Wow. That is actually what Eric PB2 wanted it to be.
to the staff: You boys and girls are doing a good job(I'm a dicklicker ofc)+

Update idea: for posts like this, make an "statement" section for not-really-discussions as my post is. Thenks

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Re: PB2 pisses me off/Not really a discussion

Postby DoomWrath » 28 October 2015, 15:42

This is honestly just a rant and presents no solutions to the problems you've said exist. Please make topics that encourage discussions, but just ranting.
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