Regarding what Tempus said to KLM.

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Regarding what Tempus said to KLM.

Postby xChakra » 28 October 2015, 01:46

I see no reason in calling the staff immature because KLM is a liar and a fraud.
On PB2 chat, he claimed PB2.5 was cancelled because Eric lost the files.
While on his twitter, he seems happier than ever about doing the Skin Editor.
People say, "ahahaha staff immature stooping to his level ahaha"
What the living f-ck. Saying someone is full of crap isn't "stooping to their level" it's just the truth, and then Doom gives good examples, and then the same idiot(you know who you are) is calling to stooping to their level. Also, calling them bipolar because he found KLM's hate location hilarious doesn't really get to my understanding...
I would link you to the topic but its somewhere in "Questions."
Anyway, I want a DISCUSSION, about your opinion on wether or not this action was okay.

I supported staff for once(omg im a dickrider, ridicule him, HES DIFFERENT, hes emo ahahaha)
If you want to hate on me, please do, I would always enjoy humor :).
[sarcasm] Yeah... Sure[/sarcasm]
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Re: Regarding what Tempus said to KLM.

Postby Tex » 28 October 2015, 01:56

So... you still haven't told us what tempus said
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Re: Regarding what Tempus said to KLM.

Postby DoomWrath » 28 October 2015, 02:03

I ended this subject with this post:

DoomWrath wrote:Get jokes for once? If you can say everything offensive you posted is merely a joke, why can Tempus not do the same? Why do you jump on his back for one tiny little comment, while your own comments.

I have edited your profile to remove slanderous messages, don't let me see them again.

This is blown way out of proportion, this is a ridiculous flamewar with everyone at each other's throats. Yes maybe Tempus went a little bit too far on that, but you go too damn far with everything you do. Maybe look at your own actions before you pick on others?

We've had our fun, we've picked our fights. But this ends here. The staff team will not allow it to carry on any further, we will not act anything else on our part - and you will not either. Should you ignore this, we will have to take appropriate action.


"They can bash us all they want and we take all the hits. We throw a punch back and they lose their shit" - Staff member, 2015.

I also created the following post aimed at drama:

DoomWrath wrote:I think a big problem is that the players don't seem to believe or accept the team's apologies when we do f*** up - which 100% does happen, we are humans too.

They will then drag things up from the past, an example being one particular player who still won't drop the BoZ demotion topic - they were demoted because one of them was abusing tools to further their clan, and none of them would fess up to it. They were given the chance to rejoin the team a week later, but they themselves chose not to. That issue was closed and solved a year and a half ago, yet is still brought up. I think people need to stop focussing on the past and move on.

People also need to stop holding the team to their double standards. If a player can get away with a snarky comment against the team, then why can't we throw some sass into our replies? If you're polite with your complaints we'll be polite with our responses - again, we're not robots built to deal with round the clock baseless insults, and we're not paid to do it either.

Certain players post a great deal of overthought, overdramatized topics about how the staff team are killing the community, doing more damage with each post than good. Today we've seen an example of what happens when we then call people out on their topics, with a certain user freaking out and creating more sensational-type topics about the incident instead of using PMs and sorting qualms quietly.

Then topics like this happen - a lot of talking about why the staff should change to fit their needs, a lot of talking about what could be done, a lot of talking about "remove half the staff to fix everything" and really, it's all just bullsh-t. Nobody at all is willing to sit down and chat to me directly about the specifics of what they'd like to see happen. Nearly 2 years now, and maybe 3 people have done that. People just like to make their dramatical posts and suck up their popularity gained through bashing a common enemy that really seems to have been chosen due to some incidents that have happened long in the past - demoting abusive staff members, an old HM who was insulting to others (and isn't even on the f-cking team anymore), apparent 'double standards' that allow the staff to 'not follow their own rules', the list goes on.

Again, I need specifics. "Don't follow their own rules"? Which rule? Which topic? Which staff member? Screenshots? Logs? Anything? I invite the next player to reply with their drama-filled post to chat to me one on one with me about how they'd go about solving these issues.

Now, please read over them fully.

This topic is over, Topic Locked.
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