Approved Option [when starting a match]

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Approved Option [when starting a match]

Postby ChemicalX » 11 March 2018, 22:43

As you know, when creating a match, users have the option to choose whether or not the match is ranked or not:


I believe there should be another option to make the match a custom map. My reasoning behind this is that in custom matches, neither kills nor deaths are added to the user's profile, which makes the map good for training with friends without influencing stats. Another reason is so that players can play approved maps with the old low physics, since this is allowed in custom maps.

Ideas and feedback are welcomed.
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Re: Approved Option [when starting a match]

Postby Sniper J » 12 March 2018, 22:49

I like the idea but I'm curious as to how Eric would go about implementing this idea, if it ever was added as a feature. I would imagine he would have to change the definition of an "approved map" as if you have the ability to play in it as it was unapproved, some systems in the game would have to be changed.

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Re: Approved Option [when starting a match]

Postby ZapruderFilm » 12 March 2018, 23:08

Interesting idea.
While we're at it, why don't we make it so guests can't play approved matches with kill counters enabled.

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Re: Approved Option [when starting a match]

Postby IcYeGodZ » 12 March 2018, 23:34

Eric just put a "C" for custom instead of the - or KDR numbers.

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Re: Approved Option [when starting a match]

Postby lpzimm » 13 March 2018, 03:56

Good idea. Private matches should also go to custom mode.
Ayy lmao
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Re: Approved Option [when starting a match]

Postby Riften » 13 March 2018, 19:04

id suck the ever living DEMON juice out of u but uk tyresse declined my transaction
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Re: Approved Option [when starting a match]

Postby Silent Aurora » 14 March 2018, 04:45

Not a bad idea, good to see there is still innovation here.

Would be interesting to see this in place,

Good luck old chap.
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Re: Approved Option [when starting a match]

Postby lrv » 14 March 2018, 18:41

This would be a very good feature to implement. +1
This would tho be a bad thing to add for staff, since this would instingate clans to have battles and would certainly instingate nuking etc.
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Re: Approved Option [when starting a match]

Postby Dariy » 16 March 2018, 04:31

i suggested this a while back so yeah good idea lmao
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