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Postby lostmydollar » 7 December 2017, 14:53

okay lets say eric doesn't want to get rid of his favourite toy - the approval tool. he doesn't want to give it to someone from his staff team or to some player who knows better what maps should be approved. okay. also lets say there is no special button on the website that will throw you on a page where you can put your likes or dislikes on a specified map (section 21). it's good actually, it has its good sides. we know eric won't go insane and delete all approved maps and we know that likes (or votes) won't be farmed by map author and his friends in section 21.

okay. but we definitely need an approval system that will prevent the appearance of maps that some find irritating. like ty q not liking stryde-sniper or krutz not liking eric gurt-railwars1. we should do something about it.

here is some very simple example of an approval system that can fix the mistakes of our holy father eric gurt (god bless him).

1. it's a forum section just like the one we have right now
2. you post an [APPROVAL REQUEST] using the form
3. the topic has 1+ weeks to gain replies. this means that the map cannot be approved within 1 week.
4. the replies can be either "yes, i like this map because..." or "no i dislike the map because..." or "i like the map but i have a note, you should change this ... this ... and this ..."
5. the map cannot be approved until EVERYONE will agree on it's being approved. this means that if 9/10 forum users say something like "yes yes yes plz approve best map ever" but one other person says that the map doesn't fit the requirements, the map won't get approved until the problem is fixed and the community(all users who posted on a topic for past 1 week and later) comes to a consensus(V)
6. if a note or disagreement is reasonable and author of the map did not fix the mentioned mistakes the map cannot be approved just like i said above. author either fixes the map or not getting an approval.
7. once 1 week passed, everything in the topic is clean, all map author's mistakes got fixed, eric approves the map.

i'm lpzimm. i want my "lpzimm-split" map approved. i post it in the map approval section using the right form. during the first week it has got 3 replies. 1) lostmydollar says the map is too open and spammy. 2) ty q says the map is perfect and lostmydollar is an idiot. 3) stryde says the map is too open and spammy and shows more proofs. i, lpzimm, as a map author, say that trampoline is cool and i do not want to make any changes in the map because i like it the way it is now. eric checks the topic, sees the disagreement of a few players, sees that lpzimm(me) did not fix anything, leaves the topic and gives lpzimm extra time to change his mind and fix his map.

if its too time-consuming for you eric, then give the approval tool to your staff team and let them do the job. i'm more than sure they'd like to take care of approval system
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